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Giant 'Stonehenge' more than 4,500 years old found buried a mile from ancient stone circle

Giant 'Stonehenge' more than 4,500 years old found buried a mile from ancient stone circle.One of Europe's largest prehistoric monuments has been found under the ground, a mile from Stonehenge.Archaeologists using radar machines have discovered at le...
by UFOs and Space Anomalies on Sep 8, 2015

Building a courtyard classroom

Here is a look at my latest outdoor classroom project I completed recently. In early 2015 Scoil Mhuire National School in Lucan, Co. Dublin put out a tender to commission a creative outdoor space for the students to utilise for years to come. It...
by Stone Art's Blog on Jul 9, 2015

Stone Circle Art Print

Individual painted stones on a wood block. This painting has been used as cover art on two book covers.
by Shamanism & Visionary Art on Feb 27, 2014

Ring of Brodgar Orkney

The Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Island off the north east coast of Scotland is a sacred place, power spot and a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site. The Ring of Brodgar ranks with Avebury and Stonehenge as one of Britain's most important stone circles.Th...
by Devon Visitor on Jan 14, 2014

Returning to Simplicity

Elliptical stones in granite, curved shadows tracing the movement of the sun and parading across the dusty ground, 95 monoliths up to 3.5 metres tall, in concentric circles and first arranged six thousand years before the Christian era: at the Cromle...
by Cholche, Jibon on Aug 22, 2013

Stone circle is …

Stone circle A stone circle is a monument of standing stones arranged in a circle. Such monuments have been constructed across the world throughout history for many different reasons. The best known tradition of stone circle construction occurred acr...
by What is this ? on Jul 30, 2013

Stone Circles In Britain

Britain's most famous stone circles are Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain and Avebury in Wiltshire. These Neolithic monuments are over 5,000 years old and are among the oldest prehistoric remains in the country. Avebury is Britain's largest stone ci...
by Devon Visitor on Jul 1, 2012

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