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Sunday Lunch anyone?

He is walking past the swimming pool belonging to an adjacent block of flats and becomes aware of somebody in difficulty at the far end. Of course, he doesn't think twice, and launches himself in to save the flailing figure. Automatically, he begin...
by Sitting Comfortably? on Sep 26, 2011

A Strange Dream. What does it mean?

last night I had a dream... Continue reading →...
by Sitting Comfortably? on Sep 13, 2011

Oracle Of The Sand

Dream Diary 23rd May, 2009 The sun beat down unforgivingly from above us as we glided over yet another anhydrous day in the middle of the desert. Below us stretched an endless wasteland devoid of life or any signs thereof. I was flying with a small...
by Sober Dreamer on Mar 2, 2011

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