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Top List Rumor: iPad 3 to Launch in March [Updated]

If you wished for another iPad 3 launch rumor when you woke up this morning, then you’re in for a stroke of luck. According to the oft-accurate Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple will announce the third generation iPad at an event due to be held in M...
by Toplist101 on Feb 2, 2012

How to Summon Ghosts

* For your info only. Highly not recommended. Ghosts have a bad reputation as entities to be avoided at all costs, but in some cases, they can be a source of insight and wisdom. Those who choose to summon ghosts may benefit from this insight, provide...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on May 21, 2009

An Encounter While On The Job

I had a first hand experience. It happened days before a guy jumped from Wisma Pelita Tunku was 7 or 8 June year 2008. We were installing equipment at M Floor. It was a kitchen before so many furniture is still there and it was very dirty a...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 29, 2009

How to See a Ghost

Here is an article i found on the net. Its a guide on how to see ghost. I don't recommend you try though. May get you into something you cant get out of.Seeing a ghost isn't as difficult as you think. Ghost hunting can be dangerous, but seeing a ghos...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 27, 2009

A Terrifying Experience At Beach Resort

This is an encounter of a friend back in the mid 90’s. It was an overnight trip to a well known hotel by the beach by a group of frens in Kuching. They stayed at the Hilltop chalet during the peak season. As the good rooms were fully occupied, they...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 23, 2009

My Old House At Tang Lim Garden

I had some creepy experience when I was growing up in my old house at Tang Lim Garden.I was told that my old house was a hot spot and at times me and my mom can sense something passing through. They were like "shadow people" moving fast at the corner...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 21, 2009

Do Not Spit Near Graveyard

Here is one of my friend’s experience....My friend went for a date with his girlfriend, at Balcony, Miri....After the date, he send her home to her place at Riam. There is a large Chinese cemetery at Riam. When they reached there, he spit out of th...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 20, 2009

Early Morning Trip To Bintulu

Here is a story from a friend.. Two years ago....we just got our driving license, and my friend decided to go to Bintulu for a 1 day trip. I didn't go with them because I had to attend to something at home. When they start driving at 5am in the morn...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 16, 2009

Strange Happening At University Campus (continued)

This is what I heard from guards and some of my frens who always stay up late on campus.. There's something at the LT foyer too. I heard there are 2 pontianak staying on campus. One male and one female.. Guards always see them at LT foyer at night. T...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 13, 2009

Strange Happening At University Campus

Curtin campus is really haunted!! I talked to several guard and staffs. Many of them have experienced it.AL100 especially the library at ground floor. Guards saw one lady in white is sitting in front of the counter. They just started to open the libr...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 11, 2009

A silent Night

One night, i couldn’t sleep so I decided to go out to have some fresh air...The time was about 1am and I sat on my proton saga boot. My car was parked inside the car porch at home...I sat there and enjoy the fresh air after the rain that night...Su...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 10, 2009

A Late Night Stroll At Taman Awam Miri

by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 10, 2009

Wrong Number

It was the morning of Qingming or tomb sweeping day for the Chinese. Ann was not working on that Saturday morning and she decided to call her friend May for breakfast. When she calls her handphone number, someone pick up the phone but did not speak.
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 7, 2009

Taman Selera

Taman Selera is one of the first recreational parks in Miri. It’s located at Tanjong Lobang, which is 3KM from city centre. Besides the golden sand beach, there is children playground and other outdoor facilities. There is also an open air hawker s...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 2, 2009

Rubber Tapping in Kanowit

This one happens to my mom in Kanowit when she was in her teen. Back then, in 70's, rubber tapping was a job to feed oneself & family. At least 2 square meals per person will do that time. She & her late-sister went to rubber plantation.It wa...
by True Sarawak Ghost Story on Apr 1, 2009

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