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Visit: Strawberry Picking at Ort Farms {Long Valley, New Jersey}

June is the perfect time for strawberry picking, so we headed out in search of the perfect place this past weekend. There are a few farms that are reasonably close to us that offer strawberry picking for customers. A few of them I avoid because they...
by Sweetnicks on Jun 14, 2016

Strawberry Picking + Apology

Hey guys, so before I write about strawberry picking, I have to apologise for the lack of updates yesterday, due to the scheduling missing its posting. So sorry :\ I’ll post two today then. So we wen’t strawberry picking today and it was...
by Family and School Blues on Jan 3, 2015

Strawberry Picking!

Our gang went to La Trinidad, Benguet to see its vast strawberry farms. Strawberries! I was so excited! I actually wanted to fill a buck but it was not the right season for picking strawberries yet so we just entered the farm to take photos around.Tr...
by Carizza Chua - My Name Tag on Dec 20, 2014

Visit: Alstede Farms, Chester, NJ {Summer Bucket List}

Big open fields, the freshest strawberries imaginable … let’s visit a farm in Chester for strawberry picking. “Mom, those aren’t really strawberry picking shoes,” Nick said as he looked at my feet. I looked down at my (now) very dus...
by Sweetnicks on Jun 18, 2014

Fun Filled Day @ Strawberry Farm! :)

STRAWBERRY FARM! Finally!!! Strawberry Farm is actually in La Trinidad already.. I think it's around 20 minutes away from Baguio City. You can ride a jeepney but if you have a tight schedule like us, then I suggest just take a cab. If I'm not mi...

Latest Video: Strawberry Picking and Summer Fruit Treats

I love strawberry picking. It’s a throwback to one of my earliest childhood food memories – we used to go almost weekly during the summer months to a local fruit farm and even today, the very smell of strawberries elicits happy memories.
by on Aug 12, 2013

{let’s go} Pick Your Own Strawberries

We love strawberries and since they’re in season I thought it would be fun to take my daughter on our very first strawberry picking adventure. I realized I had never been strawberry picking before which is strange considering all the orchards I...
by Jennifer Carroll Designs on May 7, 2012

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