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Khamoshi Ka Boycott

A Letter 2 The Director of Education Salam Saaly, Pehle To Ye Bata Ye Paper Kon Iblees Banata Hai? Kameeno! Hamari To Jan Nikal Jaati Hai, [.. Read More For Student SMS Jokes ..]...

Funny Student SMS Jokes in Hindi Text Messages

I br0ke up.. :''(widBOOKS!!:Dbahut ho gaya tha yaar..Hamare beech kuch understanding hi nhi thi...:...
by Sms Library on Apr 16, 2012

Teacher batao kay maths ka kya matlab hai

‘Teacher: batao kay maths kakya matlab hai:student: sir maths meanz.M: MentalA: AttackT: ToH: HandsomeS: students’...
by Sms Library on Mar 21, 2012

Boys Can You Tell Me

Biology Sir,Boys Can You Tell MeExactly Where Is Your Heart … ?All Boys Shouted Loudly................In Girls Campus … =DSir Smiled And Said Mine Too … =P =D...
by Sms Library on Mar 21, 2012

Study Tips SMS

Some tips to study ...Don’t study hard but study well;Don’t do it w/ mind only, but with heart too;Don’t memorize, but understand fully;Never call it difficult but a challenge;Never read to just pass the exam, but to learn;Never be sorry for no...
by SMS Collection on Mar 8, 2012

Student SMS 3

Share | 1 SECRETS OF SUCCESS ... 1. Kabhi top na karo warna log tum se jalne lage gay. 2. Hamesha late class mein jao iss tarha har teacher tumhe yaad rakhe ga. 3. Ziada parhne se time zaya hota hai aur time zaya karna gunah hai. 4.
by Urdu sms collection on Nov 16, 2010

Student SMS 2

Share | 1 Why is a teacher's status greater as compared to a mother? Because, A mother can put only one child to sleep But, A lecturer can put the whole class to sleep Submitted By Muneer 2 To save paper . Exams shud b...
by Urdu sms collection on Nov 9, 2010

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