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Howell Services Celebrates 11 Years in Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by       Press Release Distribution Not every local Fort Bend business celebrates their eleven-yearanniversary by rewarding their loyal customers, but Howell S...
by Free PR Online on Nov 26, 2015

Poverty in Rural Philippines

Indigenous People of PhilippinesPoverty Holds the People BackAbout half of the Philippines’ 100 million people live in rural areas. Poverty is most severe and most widespread in these areas and almost 80 per cent of the country’s poor people live...
by Newbies For Computers on Aug 30, 2015

Tim Potter Texas Expat 101

Tim Potter Texas Say's Do not kid yourself its hard.Beware of moving overseas! It’s tough, confusing, disorienting… and ultimately, extremely rewarding.  So take it one day at a time and learn to walk before you run.Living overseas will not...
by Newbies For Computers on Jul 31, 2015

Tracy McGrady retires from baseball immediately after starting minor league All-Star game

T-Mac called it quits in pro baseball after registering a strikeout in an minor league All-Star game. Not too shabby.
by Los That Sports Blog. on Jul 17, 2014

Report: Tracy McGrady Mulling Baseball Career, per Jeff Van Gundy

Tweet Tracy McGrady, one of the most exciting players in the NBA in his prime, has seen the end of his basketball-playing days. Even with that, he might not be done with sports entirely. According to a report from Sean...... Read More »...
by Los That Sports Blog. on Feb 1, 2014

Free Communication Calls USA

Make free Calls to the US and to your loved one anytime.Over the years it has gotten cheaper and less expensive to communicate with loved ones.  The internet has made it easy to make low cost and free calls to loved ones.  Since I am from t...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Mar 18, 2013

US Credit and Living Abroad

Being a Philippine credit Ghost is not all that fun.When I first moved to the Philippines I had a few debts and few credit cards.  Which were all paid off and left my credit in ok condition prior to my departure.  That was February&nbs...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Mar 16, 2013

Philippine Success in Business

Article Written by Guest Writer Matt WilkieMatt Wilkie is a expat living in Cebu, Philippines offering advice and help to newcomers to the Philippines.  Check his latest blogs at Tropical PenPal Expats Can Do Successful Business In The Philippin...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Mar 15, 2013

Philippine Bubble Man

 What is up with people and there warped sense of reality.I have lived in the Philippines for the past 6 years and people still amaze me.  I belong to several internet forums and groups.  People that are planning to come here and live...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Mar 14, 2013

Philippine Internet Dating

Phenom Philippine Internet LoveI belong to many different Forums and Bulletin Boards all dealing with subject of living here in the Philippines.  There are many reoccurring topics that always seem to come up.  Many tend to lead to...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Mar 10, 2013

Apartment For Rent Cebu

Where we hang our hats in Cebu.Most people when they think of the Philippines they believe it is a beach front paradise.  However they forget that there are so many hills and mountains in the Philippines.  Just for a while we lived jus...

NBI Clearance Experience Cebu

Today my wife Zol and I visited Philippine National Bureau of Investigation. (NBI) We had a plan when we headed out of the house that we we would get her NBI clearance and the head over to Philippine Commission on Filipinos O...

Pulled Pork Philippine Style

No Philippine home is complete without a Bottle of Swan Sauce Vinegar.So I decided I would attempt to make some North Carolina BBQ.   Now I was not able to cook my Pork Tenderloin on a open pit of hickory.  So I just did the best...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 24, 2013

Lesson in Philippine Documents

Lesson is in the Philippines Triple Check All Documents.Tim Potter and Zol Potter with Philippine MarketThis statement does not go with out a saying.  It took us three years to get a simple correction to our Marriage Licence to state T...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 23, 2013

Fire in Philippines

Latest Fire Tondo, ManilaFires in the Philippines seem to happen as often as Mondays.Life is hard here for the majority of Filipinos as they live life hand to mouth.  Though this is a tropical environment fires seem to happen every wee...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 20, 2013

Philippine Internet Connection

What are the internet options available in the Philippines.In today's world people want to know what internet options are available to them in the Philippines.  Internet is the way people can make Calls, Watch TV, Catch up on news and...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 19, 2013

Philippine Variety TV

Cover of Sonny & CherIs the Philippines TV stuck in early 1970'sI am child of the television and I love to watch TV.  I enjoy the good dramas that the US has produced in recent years.  I love shows that get your juices flowing and...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 18, 2013

Grocery Shopping Philippine Style

Spam (Photo credit: mrdodgy)The first thing an expat asks when they arrive where can I get this?Getting your groceries in the Philippines can be a chore to say the least. It is not like shopping back home in Sugar Land Texas.  It becomes hard to...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 16, 2013

Tim Potter's Copyright Violations and Google

Philippine-Sugar Land Tim Potter's issue with GoogleTim Zol PotterAs I Tim Potter Philippine-Sugar Land sit back and wonder what would happen if someone stole your photos online or they steal your content. What are the actions you can take.
by Newbies For Computers on Feb 15, 2013

Valentines with the Wife

Valentines day here in the Philippines.Tim Potter and ZolTim PotterThought I (Tim Potter) would share the story of my wife and I.  So many people come to the Philippines in a hurry kind of way and get married.  Yet that is not the way it al...
by Tim Potter Sugar Land to Cebu on Feb 14, 2013

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