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Yogurette White & Ananas-Limette

Schon Probiert? Nein? Aber neugierig wie sie schmeckt seid Ihr doch sicher, oder?

Sparkling Chandon Summer Party @ Bad Boy Cooks & Brasserie Enfin

Woot! Saturday night out for Sparkling Chandon Summer Party, sounds cool isn’t it. Well with summer an all-round affair in Malaysia, what better way to celebrate the conjoint launch of Bad Boy Cooks and Brasserie Enfin. Chandon threw a spectacular...
by Sunshine Kelly on Sep 6, 2014


Kuningan City mempersembahkan event FASHION’S NIGHT OUT SUMMER EDITION pada tanggal 30 Juni 2013. Nikmati berbagai event dan acara menarik, antara lain :   10AM to 10PM : HOT SUMMER SALE, POP UP STORE, EXPERIENCE BOOTH 04PM to 08PM : K-SHIRT F...

Marni Summer Edition 2013 Series

Saturday Morning is one of the series of the the Marni latest Summer Edition 2013, combined  high-end fashion with portable style, so that the capsule collection with full of casual fashion aesthetic. Cute illustrations come from the Dutch artis...
by marni handbags on Jan 10, 2013

Summer scent series - Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition

Well, Beyonce is back with a new perfume to keep us smelling lovely over the summer months.  I'm a sucker for light fragrances when it's warm and frequently drown myself in them to help keep the clamminess at bay! Let's talk packaging first.
by Lovely Girlie Bits on May 24, 2012

Beyoncé Pulse Summer Edition Perfume Review

From gorgeous superstar, Beyoncé, and Coty Beauty comes the recently launched second Pulse fragrance of 2012, Pulse Summer Edition.   With a fun, quirky edge but still in keeping supremely feminine, this fruity-floral has just enough of a...
by Nuts 4 Stuff on May 1, 2012

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