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Geriatric Switch — Part IV — Argh!!!!!!!!!

No I have not developed a self-destructive tendency. Although, it may seem that I have to those who do not know me. And contrary to what some at work have suggested, Still Here Too is not trying to “knock me … Continue reading →...
by Surviving Survival on Sep 22, 2011

Car No Go

After experiencing a recent and rather shocking case of extremely poor customer service, I thought I would share it with you because that is what we often do here at The Ranter’s Box. We rant and take the piss at stupid human behavior and/or busine...
by The Ranter's Box on Aug 22, 2011

Pesumo Terberat di dunia

The American sumo wrestler is a staggering 6 ft 8 inch, 770 pounds (350 kilograms) and undoubtedly the heaviest sportsman in the world today. [[selanjutnya klik disini http://terselu...
by liputan 24 on Jul 14, 2011

How My Leaf Vacuum Shredder Is Saving Me From The Nut House… Maybe

by molito66 How My Leaf Vacuum Shredder Is Saving Me From The Nut House… Maybe Article by Robert Hemken Jr. What a heck is a root opening shredder anyway… sounds similar to a small sort of morphod...
by Funny PetCare on May 13, 2011

“Sexy” sumo wrestler car model

Fine car with beauties is definitely the perfect combination, but shortly before the commercials of a Japanese brand vehicles did exactly the opposite, they used some sumo wrestlers as car models. According to the manufacturers, there’re three...
by Amazing Data on Mar 3, 2011

How to Gain Weight (the Sumo Wrestler’s Diet)

DON’T eat junk food. DON’T stuff yourself in one big meal. DON’T forget breakfast. Although I try to keep JuliaSunnySide’s Blog content fresh, sometimes I feel like I’m preaching. Do you think you’re doing everythi...
by JuliaSunnySideUp on Oct 16, 2010

Japan’s sumo scandal

A Sumo scandal is making national headlines in Japan. Dozens of top wrestlers and stable masters have admitted to laying illegal bets with gangsters on baseball games. So widespread is the illicit practice that the sport’s governing body is con...
by Mafia Today on Jun 22, 2010

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