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Sunday Comments December 18

The Alahan kids hid the lottery money inside the toilet cistern which Erica found. Of course she rightly suspects them but Dev doesn't believe it and won't take responsibility for his kids. He never has, has he? It's always been someone else's job. H...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Dec 18, 2016

Sunday Comments December 11

The fallout from Michael's death and Vinny's exit continues. Todd doesn't really believe that Phelan wasn't in on it all with Vinny and he's not happy that his brother has lost all his money. He just can't see how Phelan could have been blindsided by...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Dec 11, 2016

Sunday Comments December 4

Eileen gets a proposal and Todd is horrified his mother says yes! Michael is even more horrified because he's pretty sure that was a swerve to keep him off the scent. It's champagne all around though Michael and Gail sat to one side with sour looks o...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Dec 4, 2016

Sunday Comments September 4

Luke really doesn't like having Caz around underfoot, does he? I think it has more to do with the fact that he doesn't trust her rather than just having a gooseberry involved. But really, Caz just wants to get back together with Kate by any means nec...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Sep 4, 2016

Sunday Comments August 28

We're back with 10 episodes of Corrie to cover this week. How bad did your withdrawal get? Gemma is in yet another awesome funeral outfit. This time going from Goth widow's weeds for Callum's to all out explosion of a crayon factory for Kylie's.
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Aug 28, 2016

Sunday Comments August 7

It's a long one this week, everyone. Double episodes all week. Don't forget, no Corrie for two weeks and then two weeks of double episodes after that! Kylie staggers around the corner. That stab wound is right over her heart. She doesn't have lon...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Aug 7, 2016

Sunday Comments July 31

Billy, who wasn't really backwards in coming forwards when he got together with Sean, seems to be all flustered around Todd but very flattered with his attentions, until, of course, Todd had a bit of fun when the Bishop was visiting. (BILLY! TATTOOS!
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 31, 2016

Sunday Comments July 24

David, Kylie and Gail are included in a family therapy session. Why Nick, also Sarah's brother, isn't included, I don't know. Never mind. Sarah is shaky and nervous. The doctor has to explain that post partum psychosis is different than the usual &qu...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 24, 2016

Sunday Comments July 17

Jason's birthday arrives with cards and a full English that he's not hungry for. Oh, and he's got thousands in his bank account, inherited from his father and the flat isn't even sold, yet. Tony's name isn't cleared so he's just not getting into this...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 17, 2016

Sunday Comments July 10

Lee most definitely bit off more than he could chew with Sarah going right off the rails. He joked that Callum was alive and since Sarah already half believed it, she was utterly convinced. She tried to run and he grabbed her from behind, she foug...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 10, 2016

Sunday Comments July 3

Jason insists that Tony is innocent and David is guilty. He's running around the neighbourhood harassing every Platt he sees and Kylie knows he's more right than he knows. David isn't the one that killed Callum but it's true, they'll all be done for...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jul 3, 2016

Sunday Comments June 26

Amy is still refusing to go back to Number 1 and Michelle is on Amy's side lest she tell Steve about Will. The little madam learned blackmail from the master, after all, or mistress as the case may be. Now she's skiving off school and being impertine...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jun 26, 2016

Sunday Comments June 19

We move ahead with the after effects of the events of last week. The gossips have forgotten about Carla and Nick and have jumped right into a much juicier murder. Who killed Callum? Those on the street with an opinion seem to think David did it.
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jun 19, 2016

Sunday Comments June 12

These Sunday Comments are going to be a bit more of a running comment of the week's events. We started off with a wedding, then a secret blown out of the closet in front of everyone, and then an even bigger secret blown out of a hole under the floor!
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jun 12, 2016

Sunday Comments June 5

Nick bared his heart and soul to Carla about his injury and the history with it. She's not having it. She's pretty tough but he's scared and she's not going anywhere. The consultant doesn't think Nick's issues aren't physically caused. The stress is...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Jun 5, 2016

Sunday Comments May 22

Michelle poured her heart out to Liz and convinced her she stayed faithful though Liz is horrified that there was a kiss. She's supportive, though but thinks Michelle should keep the secret since it wasn't anything more than that. Michelle says she'l...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on May 22, 2016

Sunday Comments May 15

Will's news has Michelle in shock. She's not about to leave Steve but it looks like Will isn't going to stop putting pressure on her. At least she seems to have finally realized her attraction to Will was all about her being lonely and frustrated. I...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on May 15, 2016

Sunday Comments May 8

Sharif is considering finding out if he can break the partnership which angers Gary. Gary points out it's not going to be very good for Jake if both parents are out of a job and calls Sharif a hypocrite for pretending to be a family man himself. It's...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on May 8, 2016

Sunday Comments May 1

I guess Bethany is still getting it from all sides even at school. Nick throwing one of the handbags down hardly counts as assault. Anyway, the christening is on next week. Godparents are not going to be David and Kylie and Gail says it's only a toke...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on May 1, 2016

Sunday Comments April 24

You may remember that Tracy told Robert she knew he slept with Carla. Today we head into the fallout when he can't deny it though he's sorry and reminds her they had broken up at the time. Back at home, Tracy and Robert have it out. He's insisting he...
by Bluenose Corrie Blogger on Apr 24, 2016

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