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The Timekeeper

Earlier in the year I was commissioned under the Per Cent for Art scheme to create a sculpture for a secondary school in Drogheda Co. Louth. The brief was to create a piece to commemorate the transition of the school from its humble beginnings i...
by Stone Art's Blog on Dec 13, 2015

3D Printed Digital Sundial

Did you know sundials can show digital time? You do now! Best of all you can build one yourself, as the creator has open sourced the project. In the video, he explains how he designed ... The post 3D Printed Digital Sundial appeared first on Gadget...
by Gadgetzz on Oct 29, 2015

10 Top famous clocks around the world

From sun dials, historic sites and tall towers, clocks are a facet in almost every city around the world. Design Head Navin Kanodia of Just for Clocks traveled across the globe and compiled a list of 10 famous clocks around the world that can make yo...
by Clock Talk on Feb 17, 2015

Style & Fine Dining – For Kids, Too – at the Westin Peachtree Plaza & Sundial Restaurant

Note: We received a media rate and a restaurant credit to help facilitate our review. All opinions are honest and are entirely our own. When I walked into the lobby of the Westin Peachtree Plaza, I felt as if I’d walked onto the set of a movie.
by Frugal Novice on Sep 12, 2014

Spiked Sundial: Ultramodern Bronze House by Daniel Libeskind

Conceived as a spiraling ribbon, this ultramodern metallic residence by architect Daniel Libeskind seems to transform into entirely different shapes as you walk around it, with two steeply angled extensions casting shadows in a way that’s suggestiv...
by Best Environment Design on Jun 1, 2014

New Recording of "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" by Sundial Symphony

Delighted to announce that HappySad Records has just released a new version of my "Looking for Sunsets (in the Early Morning)" by Sundial Symphony.Sundial Symphony consists of Don Frankel and Robbie Rist.  Don played piano and organ on the origi...

Online Gamers Needed, Roman Perfumes Source Discovered, Unique Ancient Sundial, and Ancient Raid Mystery

The Pictish PuzzleOnline gamers welcome to the world of Indiana Jones!  The excavation of a Christian cross from a Scottish chapel has left archaeologist stumped. The cross was discovered in 3,000 fragments pieces and archaeologist believe that...
by Classics and Ancient History on Oct 12, 2013

Sun clock

 Sun Clock (Evpatoria, Crimea)Some information about Evpatorian sun clock If you know some interesting facts and stories about clocks and watches, posted here, or you have a suggestion on partnership or co-blogging please leave a comment be...
by Clocks and Watches on Sep 30, 2013

GEAR : Gold / Titanium Collapsible Compass & Sundial Pendant

There are far more things you shouldn’t bring while travel backpacking around the world than there are things you should … Read more »...
by World Travel Guide on Mar 20, 2013


Gedung Sundial BandungSundial atau sering disebut dengan Jam matahari, merupakan seperangkat alat yang digunakan sebagai petunjuk waktu lokal dengan memanfaatkan Matahari, dan mengahsilkan bayang-bayang sebuah gnomon (merupakan batang atau lempengan...
by Masa Tour & Travel on Apr 10, 2012

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