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Top 5 Most Rage-Inducing Games

With the rise and fall of Flappy Bird, it reminded me of the rage that can come from playing certain video games. I am not even an angry person, but something about these games just unleash the beast. So here are my Top 5 Most Rage-Inducing Games. [.
by Geeks of Doom on Jun 30, 2014

"Indie Game: The Movie" Finally Gets Digitally Released

Ever wondered how games are made? Then the highly-acclaimed "Indie Game: The Movie" just might float your boat. The documentary film finally gets digitally released today with numerous ways to grab your hands on it. You can get it via its official we...
by Reel Advice on Jun 13, 2012

Indie Game: The Movie: The Worldwide Release: June 12th

What, you didn’t think those games appeared on Xbox Live through some act of magic, did you? No, they’re the product of insanely small teams working insanely long hours, at the risk of their well-being, social lives and, in some cases, pe...
by Mob-99 on May 28, 2012

Top 5 Modern 2D Platformers

Back in the early days of games, platformers were the norm. Still to this date there are many people who adore 2D platformers. It might be nostalgia for some but the genre is timeless and plenty of new gamers enjoy this style of games. There has be...
by Always Gaming on Mar 6, 2012

Super Meat boy ¿para portatiles?

Team Meat ya planea un super meat boy pero esta vez  para dispositivos portátiles (ipods, ipads, etc.). Edmund McMillen y Tommy Refenes han declarado desde twitter 6 puntos muy importantes sobre este proyecto. Este prototipo para dispositivos táct...
by watchaplayin on Feb 9, 2012

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