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House Delivers Clinton a Day from Hell: State Department Reopens Investigation

Pam Martens and Russ Martens Wall St. On Parade Just 18 days before the Democratic National Convention is set to convene in Philadelphia, where delegates and superdelegates will select the presidential candidate in one of the most critical election...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 10, 2016

The Superdelegate Smokescreen

As the results from yesterday’s caucus races in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii were coming in, CNN, for extended periods of time during their televised coverage of the contests, kept a banner at the base of the screen showing the current number of d...
by The Charlie Musgrove Report on Mar 27, 2016

Op/Ed - Plight of Michigan's Democratic Superdelegates: A Case of Winnability in America's General Election

Photo Credit - Will Michigan's Superdelegates supersede the mandate by State voters, affirming Senator Bernie Sanders as the victor in Michigan's Open Primary Election March 8.Michigan's... Visit "IU News & Talk" right now...

Hillary Clinton increases delegate lead over Bernie Sanders heading into Nevada and South Carolina

  When all was said and done in the New Hampshire primary Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in embarrassing fashion yet in delicious irony the former Secretary of State was awarded the same number of delegates as the Senator from Verm...
by America's Watchtower on Feb 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton has already locked up half of the superdelegates in Nevada and South Carolina

  Rightfully sensing a Democratic establishment conspiracy to rob Bernie Sanders of the possibility of winning the Democratic nomination some of his supporters are in an uproar after the former Secretary of State managed to win half of New Hampshire...
by America's Watchtower on Feb 15, 2016

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