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Watch copying and pasting notes in Notes App shotcut

Tired of copying and pasting notes in order to share them? Here’s a shortcut - share directly from the Notes app.Tired of copying and pasting notes in order to share them? Here’s a shortcut - share directly from the Notes app.
by EGamersCentrum on Mar 17, 2016

Apple propose un nouveau compte de support technique sur Twitter

Alors que l’arrivée prochaine du iPhone SE et du iPhone 7 ne font probablement plus de doute, Apple accentue sa présence sur les réseaux sociaux où elle s’efforce de suivre la tendance. Avec son nouveau compte Twitter @AppleSupport el...
by Mac Aficionados on Mar 5, 2016

Apple to launch Apple Support App for Service

Apple has been working to provide a good customer service for long time, and now they are about to make it even better. Apple already has its web interface for Support. If you have any issue with your Apple Product, you can visit https://getsupport...
by Smart Glass on Nov 22, 2015

Nouvel Apple Store à Manhattan: l’art du street Art et de l’iPhone 6

Apple ne fait décidément rien comme tout le monde. Tandis qu’elle continue d’afficher un succès sans précédent dans le commerce du détail avec ses iPhone 6, ses iPad et les nouveautés qu’elle dévoile progressivement au fil d...
by Mac Aficionados on Jun 11, 2015

features of ios 9 and launch date

iOS 9 brings multitasking on ipad , faster performance, improved battery life, and security, space taken is hardly 1.3GB as compared to 4.5 GB in iOS 8 Compatible Devices for iOS 9 iphone 4s and above ipd touch 5th generation ipad air, ipad air2, i...
by Smart Glass on Jun 9, 2015

What’s new in IOS 8.3

What’s new in IOS 8.3 – Wireless Car Play included Apple delivers a massive update that adds new iPhone Emoji, fixing major problems that haunted users since iOS 8 last years, wireless CarPlay support, Messaging... The post W...
by Smart Glass on Apr 9, 2015

Apple TV announced with new interface and 1080p support

As expected, Tim Cook just announced a new Apple TV with a brand new UI and 1080p support in tow. The rumors have been swirling about the Apple TV refresh for some time now, and they ultimately proved to be true. With the new Apple TV comes 1080p...
by Toplist101 on Mar 8, 2012

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