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Narcissism Among Filipino Males

Much is already said about the loveliness of our Filipino women but it might surprise you to know that a survey result revealed the Filipino males as the most narcissistic in Asia. Yes, a whopping forty-eight (48%) percent among us consider ourselves...
by EdZee's Net Logs on May 15, 2011

What F. Scott Fitzgerald Can Teach You About PR by Bob Bly

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of “The Great Gatsby”, was smart enough to understand and articulate one of the most powerful public relations (PR) techniques ever developed. The technique is controversy: getting attention for yourself, your...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Apr 12, 2011

March 14-20, 2011: Mara Clara and Temptation Of Wife are undisputed ratings leaders

NATIONAL Weekday Daytime Program Rankings for Week 11 (March 14 to 18) 1 TEMPTATION OF WIFE (GMA) 20.48 2 EAT… BULAGA! (GMA) 19.35 3 MY LOVER MY WIFE (GMA) 16.27 4 NITA NEGRITA (GMA) 14.18 5 KAPUSO MOVIE FESTIVAL (GMA) 12.71 6 ALAKDANA (GMA) 12...
by Uber Celebrity Magazine on Mar 22, 2011

Stress and Anxiety Linked To Facebook “Friendship”

Many Facebook users rank associate their popularity on the site with the number of Facebook friends they have. As a result, some go as far as just accepting all friend... Read more » This is a content summary only. Click on the above title or v...
by TechSling on Mar 1, 2011

Survey: The Most Spammer Cellular Provider (Indonesia)

Lately, I feel annoyed with spam sms that came into my cell phone offering product. From offering the cellular games, cell wallpaper, ringtone, ringbacktone, daily zodiac info until the provider product... Read more »...
by Your Daily IT News on Dec 5, 2010

Can I Borrow your Car?insurance?

Which celebrity would you least trust to drive your car, for fear they’d crash it? Selection – Based on 11,419 Responses: Paris Hilton 45% Tommy Lee 13% Courtney Love 28% Nick Nolte 14% This survey res...
by American Express on Nov 21, 2010

7 ways to get free PR

“The cleverly expressed opposite of any generally accepted idea is worth a fortune to somebody,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. But how can you use this principle in your PR to get media attention? My colleague, marketing expert Marcia Yudkin,...
by Internet Mastery Center Blog on Aug 30, 2010

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