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The Trend for Clean Energy

Green energy has come quite a distance since its early times. Climate change which may be the better way to describe global warming may be the catalyst in addition to souring fossil fuel costs. This problem has been widely recognized and it has creat...
by Danielle Business on Nov 4, 2011

Ciralight’s Suntracker: Green Commercial Daylighting!

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a working sustainability program in place and which keeps adding new green products to lessen its impact on the environment. In one of the updates we receive at the zoo about what was being done to lessen its Carbon foo...
by Connect-Green on Oct 8, 2010

The Battle Between Eating And Sustainable Power

Today climate change is a reality that is acknowledge by even the most doubtful of skeptics. The warmer temperatures in areas where its supposed to be cool, scorching summers, and bone chilling winter have become a pattern that people cannot simply i...

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