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How To Deal With Sweets

How you want to deal with your sweet cravings depends on how you crave them. Some people must have them everyday; others want them only at times of stress. Up to half women who crave sweets do so on the … Continue reading →...
by Health and Fitness on Jul 23, 2014

Kit Kat’s Save the Last Break For Me Promo

Get a chance to win Kit Kat Items, Gift Certificates, Krispy Kreme, and more from the Kit Kat Save the Last Break For Me Promo. The promo will be until December 19 so hurry and join now. There are tons and tons of prizes being given away so read on...
by The Products Blog on Nov 24, 2010

How to Eliminate Sweet & Carb Cravings Quickly

The following information was taken from Dr. Janet Lang’s 2008 Balancing Hormones in Menopausal Women Seminar.  It has been reprinted with permission by Lang Integrative Health Services, LLC copyright 2008, All rights reserved. This will help..
by Blogging for Balance on Oct 13, 2008

Aromatherapy – Powerful Natural Weight Loss Fast

The results are in for this natural weight loss formula using pure organic essential oils. This organic essential oil formula is a perfect balance of aromas for curbing your appetite, as well as helping to relieve food cravings, enhance your digestio...

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