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Confirmed: Syrian Refugees Blame West, Not Assad, For Their Plight

.@sibeledmonds confirms: Not one Syrian she asked in camps blames #Assad for the #refugeecrisis, most blame the US! — EconomicsJunkie (@EconomicsJunkie) October 22, 2016 The post Confirmed: Syrian Refugees Blame West, No...
by on Dec 5, 2016

SYRIA - Targeting Doctors

Assad War Criminal"Repeatedly targeted by airstrikes, Syrian doctors feel abandoned" PBS NewsHour 8/15/2016 ExcerptSUMMARY:  In Syria's ongoing war, doctors are under attack in the very places they expect to be safe, their hospitals.  Last...
by Mage Soapbox on Aug 22, 2016

Syrian Boy Has Imaginary Friend...Named "Obama"

by Proof Positive on Aug 22, 2016

Clinton's war hawks ready to pounce

Paul MansfieldSott.netAs the clock ticks down to the US presidential election in November, it also ticks down on an opportunity to end the five-year war in Syria which has cost over 300,000 lives and displaced half of Syria's population. As the Sy...
by INFRAKSHUN on Aug 15, 2016

Russia Warns US Against Striking Assad

Comment: They are getting desperate all right. Especially since Putin got sick of waiting for them to decide which in al-nusra was moderate or extreme. He saw through the ruse and took out the heart of the mercenary unit with targeted strikes, ostens...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 20, 2016

Read This Before The Government Uses the Orlando Shooting to Start Another War

Claire Bernish TheAntiMedia.orgLate Thursday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported, 51 State Department officials signed a statement condemning U.S. policy in Syria in which they repeatedly call for “targeted military strikes against the Damasc...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 20, 2016

Russian Air Force destroys ISIL oil convoy in Al-Sukhanah

The Russian Air Force continued its aerial harassment of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Saturday morning, striking a large oil convoy near the town of Al-Sukhanah in northeastern Homs. According to a report from the Syrian Air For...
by Defense news alert on Apr 9, 2016

Sick Prank: Syrian refugee child told approaching plane is a bomber airstrike

What a crazy way to scare an innocent child, who is already traumatized from the war.See how this poor soul is running around thinking that the approaching airplane is a bomber and an impending airstrike.
by on Apr 6, 2016

Syrian Air Force kills Libyan ISIS leader in Al-Raqqa

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) carried out a series of powerful airstrikes above the Al-Raqqa Governorate on Saturday morning, killing several terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in the process. Among the many ISIS casualti...
by Defense news alert on Apr 2, 2016

40 bodies removed from mass grave in Syria’s Palmyra

Syrian forces have found 40 bodies in a mass grave in the central city of Palmyra, which was recently liberated by the forces from the Takfiri Dash terrorist group.An unnamed field source had earlier put the number at 25, and said that three children...
by Defense news alert on Apr 2, 2016

Russia's Syrian strikes have killed more than 1,000: report

WASHINGTON: Russian airstrikes in Syria likely killed more than 1,000 civilians in the war-torn country during the last quarter of 2015, the Airwars monitoring group said Tuesday.The London-based group gathered media and social media reports – as w...
by Defense news alert on Mar 29, 2016

At Last #ISIS Loses Palmyra To Syrian Government Forces: Biggest Win For Syrian Army

A statement from state media, as well as photographic evidence has confirmed that the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) is under the full control of Syrian government forces. The confirmation came after several activists on the ground also reported th...
by Defense news alert on Mar 27, 2016

The Outcome : Russia’s Six-Month Military Presence in Syria

Since old times, an analogy has been drawn between politics and a chess game in which winning or losing are both a function of correct and timely movements of pieces. What Russians did in the Syria chess game, especially through their military presen...
by Defense news alert on Mar 22, 2016

The Northern Thunder exercises, in Hafr Al-Batin, near Saudi Arabia

Soldiers take pictures as flame and smoke are seen following air bombardments during the Northern Thunder exercises, in Hafr Al-Batin, near Saudi Arabia's border with Iraq.
by Beauty of Saudi Arabia on Mar 11, 2016

Migration as a weapon of war: 'Ethno-engineering' used by the elites to manipulate the masses

Catherine ShakdamRTToday, war refugees have become headlines onto themselves. Whether referred to as migrants or asylum seekers by a well-thinking media complex, the semantics of this new crisis nevertheless betrays a very globalist agenda - yet m...
by INFRAKSHUN on Feb 7, 2016

Islamic State Preparing Terrorist Attacks On Europe, Russia?

This last day of the blogging week I’ll be turning away from economics/finance/investing and focusing on terrorism. The latest warnings include Europe/Russia possibly being in the jihadist’s crosshairs. From the Agence France-Presse (AFP) Monday:...
by Survival And Prosperity on Jan 29, 2016

SYRIA - Inside Aleppo

"Daily airstrikes and specter of ISIS loom over Aleppo civilians" PBS NewsHour 1/1/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  The plight of refugees fleeing the war in Syria has been well documented across the last year, but what is life like for those who stayed beh...
by Mage Soapbox on Jan 4, 2016

Bombing Syria is Merely Gesture Politics

Photo from aljareeza.comI don’t often agree with what Max Hasting the ex-Daily Telegraph editor says, but I have to say he has played a blinder in the last week, with his sober and negative assessment of the case for bombing Islamic State (IS) in S...
by London Green Left on Dec 3, 2015

Oh Dave, Make Haste to Help Us?

Given the patchy record of foreign interventions in recent decades - an Iraq for every Kosovo - it makes no sense that only 1 day of debate is being allowed for the decision to bomb Syria. Why the rush? If it's the right decision, then taking longer...
by Opinionated Vicar on Dec 1, 2015

Lucas: 'Burning desire to act' must not ignore consequences of recent interventions

Caroline Lucas has published a piece on Huffington Post stating that she will not vote for bombing Syria LINK.This is a key extract: It's critical that the burning desire to act, to stop terrorists and keep us all safe, doesn't resu...
by wembleymatters on Nov 30, 2015

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