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Diy tutorial how to make your own leggings pattern / jak zrobić wykrój legginsów?/ wykrój spodenek kolarek / krok po kroku

Who doesn't like leggings ? I don't know such person ! They are perfect for almost all body figures, extremely comfortable and fashionable. There are also very easy to sew, perfect for begginers :-)But before sewing you must make a pattern for it , d...
by Anielska Aniela on Nov 28, 2016

Diy tutorial / how to sew a beret / jak uszyć beret ? / krok po kroku / jak uszyć czapkę ?

In last post I gave beautiful inspirations for berets from Marc Jacobs.I must confess I like a lot almost all his creations, he made so many wonderful dresses , hats and so on,  well he's one of my idols if it comes to sewing. Sadly I still must...
by Anielska Aniela on Nov 7, 2016

Diy Tutorial / Camisole top how to make a pattern / jak zrobić wykrój bazowej koszulki ?

I love original and mostly patterned clothes , but I understand the importance and need of simple, base clothes in one color like tops for example too.That's why I create this little tutorial for pattern for simple tops with spaghetti straps, yes wit...
by Anielska Aniela on Oct 19, 2016

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