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ERB Weekly Digest – Awful Christian Book Covers, Shane Claiborne, Ta-Nehisi Coates – July 22, 2016

    ERB Editor Chris Smith  on Donald Trump’s Aversion to Reading   The important 2015 National Book Award Winner Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is on a great sale now for Kindle… Only $5.99! [ Get your copy...
by The Englewood Review of Books on Jul 22, 2016

Is Black Panther Missing The Mark?

I can feel the seething hate rolling my way, and you haven’t even read the article yet. For the record, I like the Black Panther — a lot. I think he is one of the coolest, and most underutilized characters in the Marvel Universe. To me he...
by Black Ship Books on Jul 11, 2016

ERB Weekly Digest – Sarah Bessey, Ta-Nehisi Coates, T.S. Eliot, Nadia Bolz-Weber – Sept. 25, 2015

    Sarah Bessey’s important book JESUS FEMINIST, is only $1.99 now for Kindle! [ Get your copy now... ]   In case you missed it… Our newest list of lousy Christian Book Covers!    *** Amazon announces a new Kindle Fi...
by The Englewood Review of Books on Sep 25, 2015

MALAISE NOIR AUX USA. Les Etats-Unis face à la radicalisation des intellectuels noirs

Pour la nouvelle génération afro-américaine, les violences policières et la politique carcérale attestent de la persistance du racisme malgré le multiculturalisme Il y a vingt ans, le mensuel centriste The Atlantic Monthly (aujourd’hui The At...
by Allain Jules on Jul 17, 2015

Would Reparations be Good for America?

There is a must read, extensive piece in The Atlantic‘s Features section entitled “The Case for Reparations” that everyone should read. It gives as close to a complete history of racism against African-Americans in the U.S. (that ca...
by Sparking the Left on May 24, 2014

Torture, terror and the neverending war

Our Daily Train | By Jeremy StyronWhile the full implications surrounding the “War on Terror” that was initially waged by George W. Bush after Sept. 11, 2001, have been brought to light many times before (here, here and here), Ta-Nehisi C...
by Our Daily Train on Feb 14, 2013

Romney’s great delusion

Our Daily Train | By Jeremy StyronI’m with Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wonders how Romney or anyone in his campaign could have possibly been “shellshocked” by the loss on Election Day: I generally thought that the actual Republican number...
by Our Daily Train on Nov 12, 2012

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