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Quote of the day – If it’s fated..

by CodenameE Lifestyle Blog on Jan 14, 2016


by hellokdramamama on Jan 1, 2015

One Chance: The Queen of SOP, Borrow Your Love, Spring Love, Beauties of the Emperor

It has been quite some time since I’ve done a Taiwanese One Chance article- but now that subtitles are becoming more readily available for many Tdramas I figured it would be a good time to write one. I have to be honest and say I haven’t watched...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Mar 30, 2013

One Chance: When Love Walked In, Miss Rose, Alice in Wonder City, Happy Michelin Kitchen

Some of you are probably wondering if I’ve abandoned Taiwanese dramas altogether as I haven’t really written about any recently aired Tdramas in quite awhile. Well, here you are- a One Chance article about four recently aired/airing Taiwanese sho...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Oct 6, 2012

University Romance Dramas

If you know Asian dramas at all then you know that there are a tooooooooooon of High-school romances out there. They might be the five episode romances before a time-jump in Korean dramas or the slice-of-life High-school themed Japanese dramas. Whate...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Sep 11, 2012

Daily KTJ Podcast #2: My Drama Roots

Here is the second podcast for the blog! This time I cover how I discovered Asian dramas, what my first drama was and some subsequent shows I watched. Pardon my lack of technology skills! I will hopefully get better as time progresses! Also, let me k...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Sep 6, 2012

2 Good 2 Miss: Greatest Love, They Kiss Again, Pride

by Daily Dose of Drama on Aug 31, 2012

If You Liked This Drama: To the Beautiful You, The Chaser, Arang and the Magistrate, Autumn's Concerto

I haven’t written one of these since June so it’s about time for another round of drama recommendations. New to Asian dramas? Want to find something that’s similar to something you’ve already watched? Well this is the article for you. If you...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Aug 20, 2012

2 Good 2 Miss: Hong Gil Dong, Summer's Desire, Bara No Nai Hanaya

Yes I know what you’re thinking- ‘another 2G2M article?’ But I promise the repetition isn’t just because I’m braindead from work…or maybe it is. If you haven’t checked out this blog or these articles before, the ‘2 Good 2 Miss’ post...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Jul 6, 2012

2 Good 2 Miss: Thank You, Black and White, Nobuta wo Produce

There are literally hundreds of Asian dramas that you could spend time watching but you may find they aren’t up to expectations. Have you ever spent months trying one show after another in search of something decent? If so, this article may help yo...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Jun 21, 2012

Super Junior-M Zhou Mi & f(x) Victoria’s drama, ‘When Love Walked In’, airs its first preview

At the beginning of this year, we reported that f(x)‘s Victoria and Super Junior-M‘s Zhou Mi would be participating in a Taiwanese drama.The drama, titled ‘When Love Walked In‘, started its filming began back in January of thi...
by Ur Entertainment Port on Jun 19, 2012

2 Good 2 Miss: Last Scandal, Love Shuffle, MARS

One question that I hate to hear is- ‘What is your favorite Asian drama?’. I don’t have just one favorite. I have watched over three hundred dramas and movies from Asia and there isn’t one out of all of those that I could pick as my absolute...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Jun 15, 2012

Weekend Question: What Next?

This is one of those Weekend Questions that is either going to take off or fail…really miserably. For this Weekend Question I ask- What Weekend Question do you want me to ask and answer? So far there have been a ton of different questions I’...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Jun 9, 2012

One Chance: Hayate the Combat Butler, Fondant Garden, Absolute Boyfriend, Ti Amo Chocolate

I was and I still am, completely impressed by what a warm welcome the first ‘One Chance’ article had. Although Korean dramas are usually more popular than Taiwanese, I still hope this sequel will help you decide what shows to spend your time on.
by Daily Dose of Drama on Apr 24, 2012

The F(ail) Four

Ahhhhhhh the leading men of Asian dramas, how we love them. Or…do we? If you’re like me and have watched more dramas than you care to admit to then surely you’ve had one male lead or another that has completely disappointed you. What looks so...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Mar 14, 2012

Older Woman/Younger Man Dramas

Ah- the wonderful world of older woman/younger man couples. Can’t say I’ve watched one drama yet that featured an age gap like this that I disliked completely. If you’re a fan of this genre as well, this article might help you find some recomme...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Mar 6, 2012

Romantic Sports Dramas

We all know that there are a tooooooooooooooooooooon of Asian dramas out there that have a sports theme. For awhile it seemed every drama out of Japan was based on some random game, I mean Tumbling? Really? Unfortunately Korea followed suit, but the...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Feb 15, 2012

Summer x Summer

I just knew I had to include a Taiwanese drama for my next review so I’ve chose an oldie but a goodie; the sweet Summer x Summer with Joe Cheng and Cai Yi Zhen. Have to admit that I watched this after zipping through ISWAK and TKA- needing another...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Feb 13, 2012

Weekend Question: Shameful Drama Obsession?

Here’s the second Daily KTJ Drama Weekend Question. This is where you and I both answer a question about our infatuation with Asian dramas. Last week I only had one person answer- so if you’re out there go ahead and type in! Doesn’t matter if t...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Feb 12, 2012

What I'm Watching: What's Up?, Wild Romance, New Tales of Gisaeng, Material Queen

Time for another recap of the Asian dramas I’m watching right now. I have to admit I was struggling for awhile to find anything that caught my interest, but when I went back and started a few I’d been interested in months ago I quickly found myse...
by Daily Dose of Drama on Jan 10, 2012

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