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Announcing Albom Adventures – Goodbye Laugh Quotes

Albom Adventures It’s moving day, and once again we are traveling light. This time we are not backpacking in China.  No, today I am shifting my blog’s home (URL) and name from to our new home at Albom Adventures.  A mov...
by Laugh Quotes on Jul 28, 2014

Zany for Zealandia

Zealandia is, without a doubt, my favorite attraction in Wellington thus far. What’s that, you ask? Watch this. Zealandia (formerly known as Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) is a stunning eco-sanctuary spanning approx. 225ha of forest where native b...
by Debbi Shibuya: A Hobbit's Tale on Feb 24, 2014

from USGS Mount Takahe

from USGS Mount TakaheAerial view of Mount TakaheAerial view of Mt Takahe fromfound at Mt Takahe duringMt Takahe Thwaites Glacierregion around Mount TakaheTakahe chicks haveThe Takah 275 was rediscovered 59around Mount MorningMount TakaheMt Takahe v...
by gak ngiro rame on Aug 20, 2011

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