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Because, as most of you know, I am a journalist who works best under deadline pressure, I’m sending this plea out last-minute on a Sunday in the hopes that you might be willing to sponsor me (even a few bucks would be super helpful) in the walk. Sp...
by The Dude Abides on Nov 10, 2013

Day 39 – Ebaying for Boobies

Day 39, This one’s for you momma! Today I wanted to do something totally different. As most of you know by now my mom has been very ill in the hospital for the past two weeks. She’s getting better every day and my family and I are so grat...
by The Pledge of Kindness on Feb 8, 2013

A Quick Guide to Being a Fashionable Chola

Once upon a time, I was a hard ass bitch.I’ve been having a little too much fun lately. Having to dress up everyday, posing around for pictures to post on Indie, has really given me some ideas around styles of dress I’ve always wanted to try. Cas...
by Fashion In on Feb 4, 2013

Lacey Has Some Huge Tatas

Damn ya know I really need to start getting this "Nuts" Magazine. The ladies they have in are just amazingly beautiful. Take a look at Lacey for a minute or so. Just incredibly sexy and very "real" to boot.  I would much rather have her to eat t...
by n-yo-face on Nov 22, 2012

Insights Into Selling Luxury In India

H.H. Tikkaraja Shatrujit Singh of Kapurthala  is the chief representative in Asia for LVMH .He has spearheaded the development of Louis Vuitton’s business in India. He holds that affluent customers in India are very similar to, and have the...
by Wealthymatters on Jul 26, 2012

Tata’s are having a very bad year

For the industrialist, 2008 started off in a grand way, with the acquisition of the iconic British marquees Jaguar and …Continue reading →...

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