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5 Popular Festivals of North-East India

North-East India is rich with tribes (more than 200 of them) and celebrations. It can be well worth your time during your next vacation to travel to this region and take part in some of the celebrations. Festivals are important economic engines for m...
by In search of greener pastures on Nov 26, 2012

Arunachal Pradesh – The Land of the Rising Sun

India is a Country built up of 28 states & 7 union territories. Each state being extremely beautiful and rich in its diversity contributes to identify the nation, Arunachal Pradesh being one of them. Arunachal Pradesh is located in the … Co...
by India Travel Blog on Oct 31, 2012

Arunachal Pradesh: Be happy

It’s a clear December evening in Itanagar and there is a nip in the air. Bonfires keep the revellers warm as poka, the traditional fermented rice-beer, flows freely. As flame-haired Jeli Kayi, 23, starts singing Sheila ki Jawani, fashionably dr...
by forevernokia on Dec 22, 2010

Tawang Part 2 - Tawang Monastery, Ani Gonpa and some exceptional adventure!

This is the second and the final part of my Tawang tales... The first day ended on a very satisfying note, and I slept like a dog, whiskey being the key contributor, apart from the extreme cold. The second day started early on, and I was on the roa...
by The Wanderer on Dec 21, 2010

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