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Are Your New Tax Rates Getting You Deeper

tax rates are extremely mystifying. So numerous taxpayers utterly get it wrong. Tax lawyer Anthony Parent explains what the myths are, in addition to how to stay away from frequent problems. What is surprising to a good number Individuals to find out...
by Our Happy Money on Feb 2, 2012

Romney's tax return

Romney paid 15Point four percent in taxesThe rich get richerInvestment incomeGets taxed at much lower ratesMiddle class gets stuck...
by Political Haiku on Jan 24, 2012

2011 Income Tax Cut Marks Final Step in Historic Tax Reform Plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio’s individual income tax rates will fall by more than 4 percent across the board next year, meaning additional savings for Ohio taxpayers. But there is a larger historical significance to next year’s rate reductions. The...
by Jesse R. Mann, Attorney at Law on Sep 13, 2011

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