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Foodie Friday: Tea Time Treats Recipes & More

(Via Inslee Designs)Being a lucky girl, I have had a chance to have "High Tea" in many fabulous restaurants. One of my favorite places is always at Bergdorf Goodman's BG Restaurant. It's located on the seventh floor with the loveliest views of Centra...
by Shop This on Mar 4, 2016

Mr Coffee Tea Kettle

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Heating ElementThe son of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock is among a host of MPs claiming for coffee and tea making equipment splash thousands of pounds on limos to carry their PAPERWORK Mr Kinnock, 46, was also able to clai...
by Coffeeholicdee on Feb 7, 2016

Kettle Coffee And Tea

Aviator tea pot and tea Kettle Coffee And Tea - Sitting around a kettle of coffee, Waref Sleiman continued his abstinence Giving up cigarettes, while substituting coffee for tea, is cited as equally important to maintain hydration. And while ciga...
by Coffeeholicdee on Oct 24, 2015

Mozaico Blue Tea Kettle & Cups Mosaic Giveaway-1/25

 Welcome to the Mozaico Blue Tea Kettle & Cups Mosaic Giveaway Hosted by: Simply Sherryl Sponsored by: Mozaico Living Mosaics      I am the first to admit that I love art. I especially love mosaic art. All the time that goes into these pieces...

Tea Gifts For the Tea Drinker

~ These are affiliate links in this post. Please see the Disclosure page. ~ An assortment of tea and a tea kettle to go with it make for a lovely gift for any tea aficionado.  Both of these are made in the USA.  Tropical Tea Assortmen...
by Mom in the USA on Nov 29, 2014

Acquiring an Ear for That Tea Kettle Whistle

Awhile back I stated that I found the sound of a tea kettle whistle to be very annoying. Many of you responded that you find it essential to let you know when the water is boiling. Well, I am now finding myself on your side of things here, at least t...
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Jun 28, 2013

Enter to Win Stash Tea for a Year PLUS a Tea Kettle!

Click to visit Whole Mom on Facebook. When you like their page, you can enter for a chance to win Stash tea for a year (that's 520 tea bags) plus a great modern tea kettle! You'll also get updates on new giveaways, savings, and more! Don't wait t...
by Blog on Jun 17, 2013

Staub, Le Creuset, Old Mountain Cast Iron {shopping for a} Tea Kettle

In the late 1990′s, I bought my ideal tea kettle. It was a super looking – a modern matte black ceramic vessel – by Ceraflame. One morning I put the kettle on to make my daily French Press and went back to my bedroom for a few minut...
by ABCD Design on Apr 9, 2013

Candy Apple Red

Right now, I am soooo excited I cannot tell you! Yes, I do realize that I will now be revealed for the nerd that I am, but I simply don’t care. Not a whit. Just. Do. Not. Care. Why? you ask. Because I have finally scored the one, the only, my b...
by Adventures in Expat Land on Feb 20, 2013

The Demise of the Tea Kettle?

Awhile back I heard an alarming report that teacups might be going completely out of favor with tea drinkers and be replaced by mugs. Now, an intrepid tea and coffee guy on Facebook has posted an item about kettle sales in the UK being down. Oh dear,...
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Feb 9, 2013

Tea Kettle FREE When You Buy 4 Boxes of Gevalia Premium Teas for $9.99

Tea lovers--You can get a FREE tea kettle from Gevalia when you pick out four boxes of their delicious premium teas for just $9.99. Gevalia's teas, just like their coffees, are delicious, and you're getting a great deal just on the tea alone. This...
by Blog on Oct 31, 2012

Jaipan 1 ltr Electric Kettle + Coffee Mug at just Rs.593

Get Jaipan Electronic Tea Kettle 1Ltr (worth RS.995) and Coffee Mugs (worth Rs.255) at just Rs.593 along with free shipping. Visit for More info.
by Free Stuff In India on Oct 27, 2012

When Your Tea Kettle Fools You

Accurate water temperature can make the difference in the taste of your tea, but your tea kettle can fool you. Then, you end up with understeeped black tea that needed boiling water or oversteeped green tea that needed water heated to around 180° F.
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Oct 5, 2012

Getting into Hot Water — Tea Kettles Galore

The key ingredient in tea is water, specifically hot water, and the way to heat water is most often in a tea kettle. There are tea kettles galore and new ones being introduced every day, so it’s pretty easy to get into hot water. It’s a little tr...
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Jul 12, 2012

Signs Your Tea Kettle Needs to Retire

That old faithful workhorse of your daily tea time may need to retire. “Retire?” you ask. Yes, as in “let the poor thing rest and go play a round of golf or two.” No pension involved here, though. Just a bit of kind-heartedness and common sen...
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Jun 19, 2012

Tea Moments — Filling (Not Pushing) the Vacuum

Life in our modern times, with all of its labor-saving gadgets, is a busy one, sometimes even a whirlwind. Even so, every now and then we just seem to run out of things to do — our lives develop a bit of a vacuum. Why not fill that vacuum with a qu...
by Tea Time with A.C. Cargill on Apr 30, 2012

TEA RINGS >> M Hooked to TEA :)

Hey TEA Lovers, The one thing that we share for sure, is our Passion and Love for TEA. And when you start exploring the World of TEA, it can surely take you by surprise. It was a funny incident that … Continue reading →...
by Jivraj9teaindia on Aug 10, 2011

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