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Wearable Flexible Gadgets Are About to Hit you Soon

How about elastic gadgets that one can wear? Sounds amazing right? It would be feasible in the near future. Elastic technologies could make flexible garments and robotic components that human might wear to interact with computers and healing purposes...
by MechAntGroup on Apr 9, 2015

Get all the Composition Info Of an Object by Simple Camera Still

    We have seen in many Science fiction movies when a character with its Hi-fi device scans an object and instantly get all he chemical and physical details of it. We got curious many times about what an object is made of .The next thing w...
by MechAntGroup on Apr 8, 2015

All You Need To Know About Pyroelectricity

Pyroelectricity Definition  It is a Greek word derived, means electricity generated by heat. Certain materials have the ability to produce temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled.  The change in temperature modifies the position of the ato...
by MechAntGroup on Mar 9, 2015

Stirling Engine: Mechanical Engineering Project

This article is in continuation with our previous article Stirling Engine Project Idea. In this article we will discuss various types of Stirling engines and their working in detail. Sterling engines work on simple principle of  temperature differen...
by MechAntGroup on Feb 8, 2015

Different Types of Spark Plugs

In our previous article we read about how car ignition system works and also the complete working of spark plugs. In this article we are going to discover various types of spark plugs available and their classification in detail. The design of spark...
by MechAntGroup on Feb 7, 2015

Project on Proving Ring : Strength of Materials

In this article we will provide you a thesis report on Whittmore-Petrenko Proving ring or simply proving ring. In this project on proving ring we will provide you background history on proving ring, types of rings, materials required, design, constru...
by MechAntGroup on Feb 7, 2015

Working of car ignition system

You might have encountered a situation when you were ready to go for an urgent work but your car fails to start. No matter how many times you turn the keys, you are unable to hear that vroom sound you love to hear from your car. Upon calling a mechan...
by MechAntGroup on Feb 6, 2015

Free Piston Engine: Project Working

In some of our previous articles we talked about Stirling engines, their working, types and many project ideas based on Stirling engines. In this article we are going to learn about yet another type of Stirling engine known as Free Piston Engine. A f...
by MechAntGroup on Feb 5, 2015

Welding: Advantages, Uses And Safety Points

  A Short Note On Welding  Presently, many process of welding have been developed and there is probably no industry which is not using welding in any form for the fabrication of their products. Researches have led to join dissimilar metals also...
by MechAntGroup on Dec 28, 2014

MyPhone Rio Fun now available in Lazada Philippines

Bright and Fun For EveryonePicking a mobile phone nowadays is just as tough as picking a boyfriend – or a girlfriend for all the bachelors out there. As they would always say, it’s all about finding the perfect match despite the tons of available...
by Random Beauty by Hollie on Jun 5, 2014

Tips for Creating a Mobile App

Mobile applications are one of the fastest growing business markets in the world today. There are millions of apps in the Android and iOS app stores, and those numbers are growing every day. We have all experienced apps that were inadequate or ma...
by SmartFatBlogger on Mar 28, 2014

Getting Loud with Boombot REX

Pals from sent me a superbly cool gadget. I honestly didn’t know what the Boombot was all about till i tried using it for myself. We are on the move a lot and sometimes it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of music to the background.
by Linora Low on Mar 10, 2014

Win a Samsung Galaxy S5 sweepstakes 2014

Enter to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Samsung sweepstakes! It is your chance to win with the “What everyone’s talking about sweepstakes”. The next big thing is almost here! Sign up and learn more about it and you could win a Sam...
by SweepstakesManiac on Feb 26, 2014

Technology At Your Door Step

Advancement in technology has brought a lot of benefits to the people. With improvement in technology people are able to do things easily and make work enjoyable. There are so many benefits of technology which has enhanced smooth life of the people a...
by SmartFatBlogger on Feb 12, 2014

Top 3 Video Apps for Samsung S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a very neat video editor on it’s own. But I decided to try out a few other applications anyway. Among the ones I’ve found as reliable, convenient and fast to use with a number of features are the following.
by Linora Low on Dec 8, 2013

Best Photography Apps for Samsung S4 That I Use

I’m always on the hunt for applications that are convenient and powerful on my Samsung S4. I am particularly picky when it comes to my photography applications. The shots taken from the Samsung S4 are already pretty great on their own but no ha...
by Linora Low on Nov 17, 2013

S-Health Is A Fab Health Monitor

Last year when the S4 came out, with it was the launch of an application i was pretty excited about… the S-Health feature. Since the Galaxy Note 3 launched along with the Galaxy Gear, the S-Health needed and update whereby you could sync with t...
by Linora Low on Nov 17, 2013

Win a Tablet New Google Nexus 7″ tech sweepstakes

  Enter to win a tablet from the Tencoconstructionco. Would you like the chance to win a brand new Google Nexus 7 2013 Edition 2nd Generation Tablet? You can earn 6 entries to this tech giveaway by simply following the instructions through the...
by SweepstakesManiac on Oct 29, 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft just released a consumer preview of the new Office, for us to be able to explore what is new in the latest version. Cloud enabled feature for easy sharing of files, whenever or wherever. Go visit yourself by clicking this link. The Modern O...
by My Existence on Jul 17, 2012

I'm Back, As A Mac!

After a little vacation and one long unexpected departure from blogging, I got a Mac!I read every single comment and email that readers sent to me, at least twice. I really gave a lot of thought to this purchase and definitely took into account all o...
by Acanthus & Acorn on Apr 16, 2012

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