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The Rise of the Machines: Millions Of American Jobs Will Be Wiped Out In The Next Five Years

Marc There is a paradigm shift coming and it is about to rewrite everything we know about economics, human labor, and government dependence. Earlier this week Amazon launched its first Amazon Go store, which allows a customer to wa...
by INFRAKSHUN on Dec 8, 2016

Tiny implant could connect humans and machines like never before

by INFRAKSHUN on Aug 5, 2016

Neural Dust: tiny wireless implants act as "electroceuticals" for your brain

Boing Boing UC Berkeley researchers are developing "Neural Dust," tiny wireless sensors for implanting in the brain, muscles, and intestines that could someday be used to control prosthetics or a "electroceuticals" to treat epilepsy or fire u...
by INFRAKSHUN on Aug 5, 2016

Algorithms, Increasingly Controlling Lives, Lack Accountability

ProPublica  Algorithms are ubiquitous in our lives. They map out the best route to our destination and help us find new music based on what we listen to now. But they are also being employed to inform fundamental decisions about our live...
by INFRAKSHUN on Aug 5, 2016

Hackers could get inside your BRAIN: Experts warn of growing threat from monitoring and controlling neural signals

 UK Daily Mail Hackers placed images in apps and record your brain's response with BCIsCould find out anything from religious beliefs to sexual orientationMay one day be used by advertisers, police and government  Cyberthieves might be min...
by INFRAKSHUN on Aug 5, 2016

Brexit reminds us that we need to take a lead in making globalization fairer

Brexit was an interesting campaign to watch, and there’s not too much I can add that hasn’t been stated already. I saw some incredibly fake arguments from Brexit supporters, including one graphic drawing a parallel between the assassinations of A...
by Jack Yan: the Persuader Blog on Jul 28, 2016

DARPA Spent $62 Million Creating Microchips For Humans

Glitch News  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is in the process of making a neural-coding device capable of controlling artificial limbs when seeded in the brain. The device has had success in animal studies and the...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 27, 2016

Oliver Stone: Pokemon Go is a New Stage in “Totalitarism” and “Surveillance Capitalism

Vigilant Citizen  Film director Oliver Stone believes that Pokemon Go is a tool capable of collecting massive amounts of data about its users and represents a step towards “robot society”.The director of Platoon, Wallstreet...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jul 24, 2016

Europe rejects smart meters - Smart grid technology may not be needed

Diarmaid WilliamsPower Engineering InternationalThe transition to an intelligent electricity grid in Europe can take place without smart meters, according to industry players who spoke at the annual Eurelectric conference in Vilnius this week. Eura...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 17, 2016

Avoid texting so much: Science shows how it's psychologically messing with your mind

Alexa EricksonCollective EvolutionTexting is one of the biggest forms of communication in today's world. From being able to send an important message without the lag time of a phone ringing or having to leave a voicemail, to sending passively funny...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 16, 2016

Why Elon Musk Is Advocating For Brain Chipping The Human Race

Collective-Evolution Would you ever chip yourself? The idea of human microchipping, once confined to the realms of science fiction and conspiracy theory, has fascinated people for ages, but it always seemed like something for t...
by INFRAKSHUN on Jun 10, 2016

"Someday We'll Be Microchipping All Of Our Children"

Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse blogWould you allow microchips to be surgically implanted in your children if that would keep them safer?  This is already being done to pets on a widespread basis, and a shocking local NBC News report is pr...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 26, 2016

The Augmented Horror of Hyper-Reality

Daily GrailAs we march forward into the brave new world of the future, for many of us the 'helping hand' of technology is becoming more and more of a distraction from actually 'living'. And with new 'augmented reality' devices about to appear on t...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 25, 2016

Microsoft Creates Smart Mirror That Reads Your Emotions, Shows the Weather

Softpedia Microsoft has recently presented the company’s latest smart product, a mirror that can read your emotions and display content from the web, including the weather forecast and news. The so-called Magic Mirror was presented by Micros...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 23, 2016

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

Tristan HarrisEstimated reading time: 12 minutes.I’m an expert on how technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities. That’s why I spent the last three years as Google’s Design Ethicist caring about how to design things in a way that d...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 22, 2016

Why Google Wants to Surgically Plant a Camera in Your Eye

The Daily SheepleIt wasn’t that long ago when Google’s motto “don’t be evil” was taken seriously by the general public.Nowadays we all know that Google has about as many scruples (or lack thereof) as any other major corporation. Their bott...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 19, 2016

Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm

Comment:  And before you know it we'll have rows and rows of children plugged in to their own personal "Ross" and "Renee" with no human teachers anywhere to be found.  And that's only the tiniest tip of a monumental iceberg of implications.
by INFRAKSHUN on May 12, 2016

Google Now Has Access To Millions of Patients’ Medical Records

Michaela WhittonActivist PostA controversial deal between tech giant Google and the National Health Service (NHS) will allow artificial intelligence units access to 1.6 million…A controversial deal between tech giant Google and the National Heal...
by INFRAKSHUN on May 4, 2016

Stunning Video Reveals Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On Television

Zero Hedge In recent years, many have voiced increasing concerns with their ability to place trust in official data, and have faith in conventional narratives. And for good reason: just yesterday a University of Chicago finance professor, while be...
by INFRAKSHUN on Apr 10, 2016

Meet the Military-Funded AI that Learns as Fast as a Human Today, it recognizes handwriting; tomorrow, it may vastly improve the military’s surveillance and targeting efforts. ...
by INFRAKSHUN on Dec 14, 2015

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