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Evolution: The Best Designer Of All Time?

Evolution did not produce this dog, but humans did change it a bit – through artificial selection, also known as animal breeding. Joel Kontinen "Evolution, to me, is the best designer of all time,” says Frances Arnold, Professor of Che...
by Joel Kontinen on May 27, 2016

Natural Selection As Predestination: Biologist Warns of the Dangers of Ignoring the Ideological Background of Research

Blind cave animals inspired a recent paper on evolution and predestination. Joel Kontinen Despite claims that scientists are objective, no one does research in a vacuum. The underlying ideology plays a major role in the choice of direction the...
by Joel Kontinen on May 3, 2016

Act of Balance

They call it the green-eyed monster. Jealousy. Under its weightier name of envy, it becomes a deadly sin. I often wonder if envy isn’t behind the debate that seems to have atheists and believers in religion talking past one another. … Continu...

Teleological Illusions and the Creation of Meaning

   Few phrases are as presumptive as the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.” It is, nevertheless, nearly the axiom that guides all other axioms for millions of people who believe that life is governed by some type of divine, supe...
by Sentient Synergy on Jan 8, 2016

Price Lowered on Horror book Death of Heaven for the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you all to have a great fun time with friends and family tomorrow for 2014!For the holidays and through New Year's, I have lowered the price for the ebook version of my epic book, Death of Heaven to $3.99. Fur...
by Murdockinations on Nov 26, 2014

Does the Universe Care about Us?

Steven Pinker sneered at ‘the shoddy reasoning of a once-great thinker’. The Guardian called it ‘the most despised science book of 2012’. The man was no less than a great modern philosopher and the book expressed his deepest concerns, a count...
by Mind Shadows on Feb 19, 2013

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