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Funniest Banned Commercial

Funniest Banned Commercial The post Funniest Banned Commercial appeared first on
by eTravelTrips on Mar 17, 2015

5 Ways Your Can Be More Effective in Marketing to Customers

The success of your business depends on how many customers know you are open and how they can find you. If your customers can't find you then you won't be in business very long. But if you have proper advertising, a business can become known to the c...
by 50plusfinance on Aug 28, 2014

Ten reasons there’s bad marketing

Why is there so much bad marketing?  Is it because with the wealth of information marketers are stuck in analysis paralysis or is it because there is a lack of talented marketing people?  My guess is that it’s a little bit of both plus the fa...
by New Media and Marketing on Jun 9, 2014

The Effects of TV Adverts on Children

The Effects of TV Adverts on Children Television advertisement represents one of the several stimuli to which children are exposed, like other kinds of stimuli existing within their environment. Television advertisement has a powerful tendency to inf...
by ARTICLES on May 7, 2014

VIDEO: Facebook, Titan Aerospace Talk Deal

Facebook is reportedly in talks with solar drone maker Titan Aerospace to buy the company for $60 million. The move could help Facebook, one of the major backers of, achieve one of the...Read more of the post VIDEO: Facebook,...

Jual Derma Wand (BUKAN power wand) Asli dan Murah

Sering Melihat iklan Derma Wand di televisi dan takjub akan manfaatnya? Namun harga terlalu mahal ? Kami beri solusinya! Kami menjual Derma Wand 100% Hanya 1.000.000 dari harga asli 1.799.900. Ini bukan Power Wand yang beredar di pasaran tapi Derma w...
by Bisakimia on Nov 26, 2013

2013 Digital World

As more and more companies enter the online marketplace as a way to do business with their customers it is becoming increasingly important to leverage digital marketing strategies to stand apart from the crowd. People use the Internet to research pro...
by HomeBiz Resource on Aug 30, 2013

4 Super Bowl Ads Banned for Being Too Competitive, Racist or Politically Incorrect

  Do you have over $4 million for a 30-second commercial during this year’s Super Bowl? Well that doesn’t guarantee you that the ad will air because it must be submitted to the network for approval, which is CBS. CBS, broadcasting the ev...
by GIZMORATI on Feb 1, 2013

“Internet sucks as a branding medium” ???

Why are traditional ad agencies and a lot of online agencies hurting right now?  Because they are run by people like Alan Pearstein who is the CEO of Cross Pixel Media.   In an article on Ad Age he suggests that the Internet “sucks as a brand...
by New Media and Marketing on Dec 18, 2012

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