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Our New Beach House Cats

We adopted two cats this summer. I was scrolling through our local Nextdoor forum, and noticed that someone was looking for a home for their cats, as they were soon to be moving. I was a little shocked, at first, after all, who leaves their cats when...
by House Revivals on Aug 16, 2016

Working on the Beach House Path

It's been quite a while since I posted any beach house updates. We continue to plug along with projects, but we try to balance work weekends with resting weekends and entertaining weekends. Each year we improve the beach path a little bit more.
by House Revivals on Aug 9, 2016

Review The Beach House by Georgia Bockoven

Review The Beach House by Georgia Bockoven – Having a big house and a large area very rewarding to make something that can eliminate bored and tired. The beach area became the boundary between land and..
by Best Novel Review on Jul 12, 2016

Hotels Location near orchard beach

Hotels Location near orchard beach – For those of you who like the beach would be familiar with the beach atmosphere. The beach is a comfortable place to relax and fresh. especially when we are..
by hotel travel on Jun 20, 2016

Best Ever Smoked Salmon Fillets!

I don't do a lot of recipes on House Revivals, but every now and then, something turns out so amazingly well, I just have to share! My husband and I love to fire up the smoker on the weekends we spend at the beach house. We often hit the grocery...
by House Revivals on Apr 21, 2016

Discovering Baler: Romantic Dinner at Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House

Too lazy to go downtown for dinner, we decided to try The Beach House, Costa Pacific’s signature restaurant. The restaurant was very roomy, with an open entrance and high ceiling. Globes of light hanging from the ceilingOrbs of light hung from...
by The Introverted Weekender on Dec 31, 2015

Discovering Baler: Hearty Breakfast at Costa Pacifica’s The Beach House

Probably the highlight of our stay at Costa Pacifica was our buffet breakfast at The Beach House. As with our previous hotel breakfasts, we looked forward to this one, excited to taste the flavors Costa Pacifica had to offer. When we arrived for brea...
by The Introverted Weekender on Dec 31, 2015

Uncovering The Magic

In a recent post, I spoke about scanning the 'duds' - those photos which came out either way too overexposed or underexposed.  I showed examples of an underexposed Polaroid, and my scanning methods used to uncover the magic hidden within.  ...
by sMacThoughts on Oct 13, 2015


From acid to butter to mild vanilla....Tourists checking out fake goods on Canal Street, NYCWeeds growing out of a sidewalk against a cement building.Apparently a crash test dummy has made off with the cab.A member of my toy collection.  Hitting...
by sMacThoughts on Sep 12, 2015

Why Scanning Film Is An Endless Task

There's a reason my film scanning is a never-ending process. First, I am always taking pictures, so the rolls of film and stacks of polaroids continue to grow. Second, since the majority of my cameras are low end and quirky, they can cause doubl...
by sMacThoughts on Sep 10, 2015

End of Summer

Well, I tend to cling to summer for as long as the weather cooperates, but I guess for many, the Labor Day weekend which kicks off today is the last hurrah.  Back from the beach house, ending my official annual summer vacation, I'm adjusting to...
by sMacThoughts on Sep 4, 2015

First One on the Beach

... gets to chose their spot.
by sMacThoughts on Aug 24, 2015

The Blues

Not the sad kind.  Just some instances of this wonderful color in my life....Some street art.....A hot summer night rooftop cocktail...An old building in lower Manhattan shot with a plastic Diana camera...Other people's art I've collected....New...
by sMacThoughts on Jul 7, 2015

This Beach House is Getting Curb Appeal

Our beach house renovation is starting to move forward again! Last year we renovated the last of a half-dozen decks. Because this deck is ocean facing and subject to harsh elements, we bit the bullet and had custom stainless steel hangers and...
by House Revivals on May 14, 2015

DIY Rope Lampshades

New lampshades can cost a fortune, so whenever we can update the ones we already own, I'm all for it. Here is a DIY rope lampshade project I actually did last year, but in the craziness of life, if never quite made it onto the blog. Our old house...
by House Revivals on Mar 31, 2015

Cool Stuff You Find When You Clean Out the Attic

Cleaning out the attic, as it turns out, is kind of fun. You find all this awesome stuff you forgot you had! You get all the happy brain chemicals you might get from shopping, without any of the remorse you get from spending money and bringing home m...
by House Revivals on Feb 26, 2015

Getting Shelves In the Studio Attic!

We've been hard at work on the Attic of Shame. My husband and I spent an entire weekend assembling shelves, then we did it again last weekend. For each shelving unit, I had to go into the attic and clear the space for that unit, so all the heavy...
by House Revivals on Feb 21, 2015

Adventures in Cleaning out the Attic and Creating a Studio

This post is about my attic of shame. Most people have a closet of shame, or a drawer of shame, but I have an entire attic of shame. Plus some closets and drawers. When we finally moved our boxes out of storage and into our beach house THREE year...
by House Revivals on Feb 19, 2015

A Little Late...Thanksgiving At The Beach House

While everyone is posting about Christmas decorating I'm going backwards a few days to show you what was happening around my house for Thanksgiving. Actually this was at the beach house, and I love to set a great table so wanted to share a few shots...
by Shabbyfufu on Dec 2, 2014

Why I Bought an Artificial Christmas Tree

Last weekend I took advantage of the 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby and bought an artificial Christmas tree.  I think I'm going to love it! This tree is for the beach house, and I chose one that is pre-lit, with pine cones and berries and a tiny du...
by House Revivals on Nov 23, 2014

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