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Leaving Town

After grousing about having too little time, today begins a trip out of town. Changing time zones, forsaking civilization, resting at a mountain lake. And I’m thinking of all that I’ll accomplish without having to go into the office for … C...

Four Famous Film and TV Robots and the Technology They Inspired

UPDATE: This post written by Beth Kelly Films and TV shows with robot characters are responsible for bringing us some of the most inventive and inspiring storylines ever created. Robots, and the people who design them, are curious about the … C...
by Geek Alabama on Mar 20, 2015

7 of 9: doing the next right thing

How to stay pertinent. How to keep healthy, wise, and on top. Last night one of my all-time hero(ine)s, “7 of 9,” a Barbie-doll escapee of the Borg collective in the Capt Jean Luc version of Star Trek, played a top-of-the-game, military-c...
by Lord Flea Sings on May 16, 2011

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