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Homily for the Nativity of The Lord, (Christmas) December 25, 2016, Year A

Fr. Charles IrvinSenior PriestDiocese of Lansing(Click here for today’s readings)My dear brothers and sisters, all of our ideals, all of our dreams of what we want to be, and of what our world can be… all of our visions and understandings of God,...
by BIG C CATHOLICS on Dec 18, 2016

Imran Khan Weds Reham BBC photos videos free download

Imran Khan Weds Reham BBC photos videos free download is nice and awesome. Imran Khan is married to a former BBC weather girl confirmed last night. Heiress Jemima Goldsmith divorced in 2004, the 62 -year-old Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician, Reh...
by Today Trending News on Jan 6, 2015

Which Muscles are you Exercising?

Whatever muscles you exercise will be your strongest muscles. I remember growing up watching professional wrestling. The well balanced wrestler stood up with a solid muscular build the top of the head to the bottom of the foot. Other wrestlers in wor...
by Soul Preaching on Dec 29, 2014

Ode to Meggles & Confession Time!

Do you guys remember 2Birds1Blog? You must right? How can you not? It was my obsession for a long, long time. I hate to admit it but when Meg came out of the closet (meaning she revealed her true identity) I was lost... which is weird because yo...
by The White Lies & Promises on Jul 23, 2013

Living Water

John 4:1-14 The ministry of Jesus was having a great impact in Judea. The reason He left for Galilee may have been to avoid further conflict with the Pharisees. This was to come later, according to God's timetable. The Lord Jesus needed to...
by Enjoy Work As Leisure on Feb 16, 2013

Sharing The Good News

We have found the Messiah. (John 1:35-51) John the Baptist pointed his own disciples to the Lord Jesus. Andrew and the other disciple (probably John) then followed Jesus. An excited Andrew decided to share the news with his brother, Simon. He...
by Mutual Love on Feb 3, 2013

Until You Are Full

I am the bread of life.He who comes to Me shall never hunger,and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.- John 6:35 -The good news can satisfy our hunger for inner peace, forgiveness, hope, love, joy, faith etc.Jesus Christ, the bread of life, invi...
by Mutual Love on Aug 29, 2012

A Blessed Easter to all!

Read more at Psycmeistr's Ice Palace.
by Psycmeister's Ice Palace! on Apr 8, 2012

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