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The Hollow (2015) – un telefilme algo interesante

The Hollow es un telefilme bien producido, pero que falla en varios aspectos, de ahí que la crítica la haya defenestrado. Cosas interesantes, pero en general bastante obviable.
by Zinemaníacos on Dec 19, 2016

Box Office Buz: DVD and Blu-ray releases for June 21, 2016

June starts to slow down a little this week but there are a few choice titles hitting shelves this week including a strange tale of a mysterious kid on the run, a classic 90s flick about a psycho teenager and a compelling new drama executed in a very...
by Box Office Buz on Jun 23, 2016


Positivism takes no captives. I’m not talking about the philosophical system—not necessarily—but about the phenomenon of assuming absolutes are available for human consumption. Some physicists, for example, assume that because our five senses c...

Interview with Robert Eggleton, author of “Rarity from the Hollow”

What is your book about? “Rarity from the Hollow written by Robert Eggleton, …(is) a great read – semi-autobiographical literary work full of beautiful and ugly things, adventure, romance, pain and humor….” — Top 100 Amazon Reviewer Rarit...
by Pat Bertram Introduces . . . on Sep 12, 2015

The Hollow Sea - Violent Wind | Violent Will

1. Body Hammer2. Step Forward3. Sick4. Work Horse5. Monologue6. Vacant MindThe Hollow Sea have released their debut EP. This EP follows the same sound and style the band did on their two song sampler. This band has a very generic sound, but even thou...
by Ontario Rock on Jul 12, 2015

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting - Cabin in the Hollow (Season 31 Episode 05)

Subscribe for full length episodes! -- website for Bob Ross! -- ...
by Basic Painting Tips on May 16, 2015

Series Renovadas 2015-2016

¿Aún no sabes qué series se renuevan esta temporada? ¿tampoco las que se acaban?, échale un ojo a este post y aclara tus dudas...
by Zinemaníacos on Jan 23, 2015

Exploração Fascinante sobre a Teoria da Terra Oca

Por Susan Duclos - Todas as notícias PipeLineExploração fascinante sobre a teoria da Terra Oca em partes um e dois nos vídeos abaixo por TheMusicmemorylane , em que se alega que a Terra é completamente oca e profunda, dentro vive uma raça de su...
by UFOS ONLINE on Aug 9, 2014

Happenings At The Hollow #6

It’s been about 5 months since I did a Happenings At The Hollow post. I started the first one as an opportunity to share when I want to stay in touch, and sort of catch-up on things that might not fall into a particular category. Plus, I can r...
by Fox Hollow Cottage on Jul 22, 2014

The Hollow Earth Theory

Father and son researchers Kevin and Matthew Taylor presented their Hollow Earth theory on Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory on November 24, 2005. Their theory includes the idea that there is an inner sun and a "perfect environment" for sup...
by Mystical Musings and Politics on Jun 20, 2014

Happenings At The Hollow 5

Happenings At The Hollow 5 Once upon a time, there was a girl who wrote a blog. It was called Fox Hollow Cottage. Then she went on vacation. The End. Or so you would think right? Oh my gosh. To say I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swi...
by Fox Hollow Cottage on Feb 6, 2014

'The Hollow Crown' on PBS

"The Hollow Crown," the Sam Mendes-produced BBC series of four Shakespeare adaptations, "Richard II," "Henry IV Part 1" and "Part 2," and "Henry V," begins its stateside airings this weekend on PBS. It features a star-studded cast including Tom Hiddl...
by inside josh's mind on Sep 21, 2013

Happenings At The Hollow 4

Happenings At The Hollow 4 Hi guys! Happy Saturday to you. (unless you’re not reading this today, then happy whateverday to you!) It’s mishmash catch up time! I love that I can do a fun, casual collection of the this-&-thats that aren...
by Fox Hollow Cottage on Sep 14, 2013

Happenings At The Hollow #3

Happenings At The Hollow #3 Hello and Happy Sunday! I am happy to report you can stick a fork in our floors, because they are done! But please don’t, because I would cry, since I’d have to kill you… kidding! (but sort of not) They...
by Fox Hollow Cottage on Aug 18, 2013

Jessica Verday - The hollow / Sombras Livro 1 / Libro 1

Já estão participando do sorteio do livro Sonhos de Alyson Noel? Sim? Não? Clique Aqui e Boa Sorte! Uma verdade impossível. Um amor impossível. Depois de um verão passado reivindicando a sua sanidade mental e tentando esquecer o menino que el...
by Booklover on Oct 30, 2012

The Hollow – Book review

Book summary: A far-from-welcome greets Hercule Poirot as he arrives for lunch at Lucy Angkatell’s Country house. A man lies dying by the swimming pool, his blood dripping into the water and his wife stands over him, holding a revolver. As Poir...
by Musings of Jigar on Sep 17, 2012

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