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Video: Joe Budden Chases Down & Threatens Drake Fans That Run Up On Him In His Neighborhood; “This Is Not The Internet”

Unless you’ve been under a rock since the 4th of July, you know that Joe Budden has be going hard at Drake for some subliminal that Drizzy threw at him a couple months ago. Some internet thugs thought it would be a good idea to bring their e-th...
by New Hip Hop Music on Jul 25, 2016

Scalable Business Model Placing Super Simple Ads Using Native Advertising

Super Simple, Highly Profitable System, Used By Top Marketers In The Know That Is Generating Major Paydays Each Day From Placing SUPER SIMPLE To Create Ads That A Chimpanzee Can Literally Setup In Minutes And Easy Little Websites That Can Be Set Up...


Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench, Spanish"Um, Your Grace, Before You Go, You Mind Telling Me Your Netflix Password?," 1881Oil on canvas...
by That Is Priceless on Jun 16, 2016

Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform, Child abuse inquiry turns to Kincora home and claims of MI5 blackmail, Hostages, drugs, grenades — Colombia cracks down on notorious “Bronx” slum, How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines, Child sex abuse and the internet

- Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform - Child abuse inquiry turns to Kincora home and claims of MI5 blackmail - Hostages, drugs, grenades — Colombia cracks down on notorious “Bronx” slum - How...
by Extreme Abuse Survey on Jun 1, 2016

China's Great Firewall

locked_computer.jpg Home Page News Page For the first time this year, the United States Trade...
by on May 26, 2016

What a Difference the Internet Makes

The past week has been the laziest one of this trip. Except for a few excursions — going to a cultural festival, getting my car tuned up, buying a few items at the grocery store, taking a walk or two — I haven’t done anything. There has...
by Bertram's Blog on May 14, 2016

The Internet: A Dangerous Minefield for Kids?

Parenting has suddenly taken on a whole new development. As a natural course of action we keep an eye out on our children as they play on the swings and roundabouts in the park, we watch them like a hawk when they run too close to the sea edge on the...
by iPhoneGlance on May 14, 2016

To Find the EC's Problem with Google...Google It

google_2.jpg Home Page News Page George Dolgikh /
by on Apr 29, 2016

People are the New Media

digital_medai.jpg Home Page News Page “Traditional media” has been on its deathbe...
by on Apr 26, 2016

Imagenes del dia del internet para cibernautas para face

No todo el mundo lo sabe, pero al igual que muchos días festivos, el día del internet si existe, es el 17 de mayo y se realiza para celebrar sus beneficios en la vida de las personas. Comparte imagenes del … Seguir Leyendo...
by Imagenes de Risa para Whatsapp on Apr 18, 2016

Hello Cedartown Georgia

Hello, Cedartown, Georgia. Thanks for making my blog a regular part of your routine.Take care and God bless.

My Haunted PC

Today is my 64th birthday, and to celebrate, my son and I went to the gym. In addition to our workout, I wanted photos.I brought along the Canon; J.P. took photos of me and I took photos of him. The store owner took two photos of J.P. and I together.

World Bank Taps into Sharing Economy to Ease Traffic in Southeast Asia

The World Bank has taken its first steps into the sharing economy, made famous in America by companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. In the case of the World Bank, it seeks to use the sharing economy to ease crippling traffic in the Philippines und...
by on Apr 6, 2016

Social Data's Good, Bad and Ugly

social_media_4.jpg Home Page News Page Around the world, social media is giving consumers far...
by on Apr 6, 2016

Love Marriage Istikhara ya ALLAH

The post Love Marriage Istikhara ya ALLAH appeared first on بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful [Glory be to Allah and His is the praise, (and) AL...
by yallaah on Apr 3, 2016

To Catch a White-Collar Thief via the Internet

cyber_crime_2.jpg Home Page News Page The increasing use of the internet in recent years has...
by on Apr 1, 2016

Akamai: la banda ultralarga in Italia finalmente cresce

Akamai ha pubblicato il nuovo report State of the Internet relativo al Q4 2015; l’Italia mostra buoni segnali di crescita nella banda ultralarga. La banda larga italiana mostra finalmente segnali di crescita convincenti. Nel quarto trimestre...
by Tv Digital Divide on Mar 24, 2016

'Zero Ratings Plans' Could Undermine Net Neutrality

net_neutrality.jpg Home Page News Page The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made net n...
by on Mar 18, 2016

Top 30 Most Influential People On The Internet

Popular magazine, TIME unveils its second annual... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit site or click title above]]...
by Jobs & Scholarships in Nigeria on Mar 17, 2016

Use The Internet The internet can be an extremely

The internet can be an extremely useful tool for accessing additional health and fitness information and also for enhancing the usefulness of the equipment you use for exercising. While it is not wise to rely on medical information disseminated from...
by Perdita Di Peso on Mar 11, 2016

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