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Therefore I Geek Podcast, Episode 73 Pokémon GO, Frank Cho, and Ghostbusters

The gang discusses some geek topics of note this week, beginning with the Pokémon GO phenomenon, which threatens to take over the world.  After that, there is a conversation about Frank Cho’s sudden departure from DC Comics.  Finally, none o...
by Therefore I Geek on Jul 19, 2016

Welcome the Weekend With a Dinosaur Laser Fight [Video, Some NSFW Language]

A small misunderstanding at Dinosaur High leads to a massive battle of universe-rending proportions in Dinosaur Laser Fight, the latest video from Ninja Sex Party. Not only does this video have dinosaurs, lasers, and fighting, it also features The M...
by Joke Radar on Aug 26, 2011

Halfway Through ThinkGeek’s SysAdmin Pageant, Some Poetry

We've been asked along with The Mary Sue to help adjudicate the ThinkGeek's annual SysAdmin Pageant. Based off your submissions, we'll be choosing the best and most worthy SysAdmin King to reign for 2011. If you have a sysadmin that is in dire need...
by Joke Radar on Jul 22, 2011

Is Joss Whedon Really a Feminist?

Over at The Mary Sue, Natasha Simons does a bang-up job questioning the truism that cult hero writer and director Joss Whedon is a feminist because his work features strong women. "He’s praised for his interesting and multiform characters. Why, i...
by Joke Radar on Apr 7, 2011

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