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"The Missing Link" Book Tour Stops HERE Today!

I'm so happy to have been asked to participate in helping Cindy Wimmer bring her book, "The Missing Link", to fruition.  It seems like years since we tossed ideas across dinner, and now she's created the MUST HAVE book for anyone who want to learn w...
by Pretty Things on Oct 16, 2013

The Missing Link | Ultimate Feline Formula

Missing Link is the best supplement on the market that you can add to your pet's diet.
by Prattle On, Boyo on Apr 26, 2012

Deus Ex: Human Revolution "The Missing Link" Walkthrough

Check out the Deus Ex: Human Revolution "The Missing Link" Walkthrough. In this DLC, which takes place during the Human Revolution story, Adam is beaten unconscious, captured, and taken aboard a ship. He awakens to find all of himself stripped of all...
by WeLoveGamez on Sep 23, 2011

Evolution – A Belief System

Over the years there have been many a quest to find that missing link between man and ape.  In their desperation there has been many a fraud to try and convince us that man descended from apes.  So far there has been no success to find the missing...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jan 15, 2011

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