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The Story Behind The Fourth of July

The Declaration of IndependenceWe observe American Independence Day on the Fourth of July consistently. We consider 4th of july, 1776, as a day that speaks to the Declaration of Independence and the introduction of the United States of...
by fourth of july on Jun 23, 2016

"Fourth Of July" Lyrics by SUFJAN STEVEN

SUFJAN STEVENS LYRICS"Fourth Of July"The evil it spread like a fever aheadIt was night when you died, my fireflyWhat could I have said to raise you from the dead?Oh could I be the sky on the Fourth of July?Well you do enough talkMy little hawk, why d...
by fourth of july on Jun 23, 2016

Red white and blue brownie pizza on Fourth of July

Red White and Blue Brownie Pizza the ideal sweet for your fourth of July festivity. A tasty brownie outside layer finished with a cream cheddar icing and stacked with berries! Red White and Blue Brownie Pizza - the ideal sweet for your four...
by fourth of july on Jun 23, 2016

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