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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 16/02/2014 - Beck, Tinariwen, The Notwist, Bombay Bicycle Club, Boy and Bear

Five tracks that were full of 'Gust-o' for us this weekOld Pa's Corner :-The Notwist - KongHere is a track from German Indie Band The Notwist from their new album Close to the Glass (2014). I can't believe they have been going since 1989 and this is...
by Tune Doctor on Feb 16, 2014

The Notwist – Close To The Glass – Kong (2014)

@thenotwist @subpop Género: alternative, electronic, pop. The Notwist, tripleta germana que lleva desde 1989 de carrera musical, con idas y venidas, y ante todo mucha calma a la hora de publicar. Hace ya cuatro años de Sturm, cinco de The Devil, Yo...
by Escafandrista Musical on Jan 24, 2014

Story time with The Notwist - One With the Freaks

I am very interested in story. I think a good story is taught, tight, and not just a bit springy. I don't like a bunch of unnecessary scenes that don't move the story forward. The best example of this is movie that is usually considered in the top 10...

THE NOTWIST Close to the Glass

Here it is: the first piece of new music from the German electronic duo The Notwist in almost six years, and it comes from a bit of an unexpected place: the band’s new label, Sub Pop. Close to the Glass is both deceptive and fantastic: if you wishe...
by radioSpin on Dec 16, 2013

Best Songs of the Decade

A countdown of the top songs from the past decade.
by Culture Bully on Dec 24, 2009


2009, Fake Four Inc.01. Battlefields (original) with Markus Acher; 02. This Bad Reputation; 03. Cut off Moon; 04. Good Bacteria; 05. Battlefields (Tobacco remix); 06. Black (B. Fleischmann remix)The EP, featuring 6 new experimental hip-hop tracks, by...
by NO CONCLUSION on Oct 1, 2009

Top Músicas 2008

Em resumo e de forma a ficar tudo organizado num único post, libertando assim espaço no side-bar deste blog, eis a lista final do Top Tracks 31-2008, lista esta que possui 35 temas, contando com as 3 menções honrosas de 2007 em 2008 e aquele que...
by Kraak FM <'+++< on Jan 21, 2009

[TOP TRACKS 31-2008] Vídeo: Gloomy Planets (The Notwist)

"Guardian help me, angel shoot all you ghosts and stand by and salute and explain: why is everything so locked up? why is everything so locked up? why is everything so locked up?" Na posição #7 encontram-se os alemães The Notwist com
by Kraak FM <'+++< on Dec 23, 2008

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