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Chesney Hawkes--The One and Only (1991)

     I have always liked Michael J. Fox. "Family Ties" was one of the only sitcoms I bothered to watch in the 80's (heck, it's one of the few I've bothered to watch period), mainly because of his talents, and his movies have been...

The One and Only - Apple Pie

Apple Pie is such an overlooked desert. It seems "old fashioned" and "passé" in the world of chocolate souflés and fondants, molecular cuisine, and wasabi kit-kats (true story). But really, its amazing. The perfect combination of tangy apples, cinn...
by The Gift of Gaby on Apr 5, 2013

The Best Chocolate Cake

Today is a beautiful day... clearly not because of the warmth and beautiful sunshine we're getting in London... but because my quest for the perfect chocolate cake has finally ended. And what a search that was! Ever since I can remember eating cake f...
by The Gift of Gaby on Mar 21, 2013

The One and Only - Chocolate Chip Cookie

When it comes to Chocolate there really is only one man you could possibly listen to - Jacques Torres, or better known as "Mr. Chocolate".So when we're talking about picking the world's best chocolate chip cookie it would only make sense to use his r...
by The Gift of Gaby on Mar 16, 2013

The One and Only - Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookies, or Butter Cookies as we call, are a pretty big deal in my family. And by big I mean my Grand-Ma sometimes makes over 900 of them at Christmas. Big deal. I was thinking about them the other day and thought it was really unfair that...
by The Gift of Gaby on Mar 6, 2013

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