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Experience on the Party of the Century Empire City, Damansara Perdana

What a great start for this month. Guess what, I'm one of the luckiest guy that joining the Party of the Century, Empire City at Damansara Perdana. It seem to be the most trending party in Malaysia currently. If you want to get more informa...

Party of The Century at Empire City

Empire City Kicks Off with A Glamorous 20s Party!If you still haven’t heard of the latest grapevines on the hottest Party of The Century, then you need to find out soon because its taking place in 5 DAYS! By exclusive invites only, Mammoth Empire H...
by ChasingFoodDreams on Jan 19, 2015

The Party Of The Century by Empire City, Damansara Perdana

Great news never stop! This time there will be an awesome exclusive party on this month. I been informed that most of the celebrities also will participating on this event? *Some celebrities that will be there such as Paris Hilton, Mark Vincent, Kpop...

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