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overcoming pain: a healed testimony (12-9-14)

Over the years I have crossed the threshold from studying pain management in the physical and mental realms to overcoming pain in the spiritual realm. I started by doing a post graduate degree course in community health administration and wellness pr...
by God's Way on Dec 8, 2014

What does Jesus expect the healed ones do?

Carefully preserved? Vacuum packed labeled fragile? None of the above. ~~~ A healed person does not automatically know what to do. Some continue their former sickness behavior. Then they start doubting whether they have really been healed. This appli...
by God's Way on Nov 14, 2014

Isaiah 42 God likes a new song

In Isaiah 42:1-7 Prophet Isaiah received the prophecy of Jesus who will bring good news to God’s people. The Holy Spirit is upon Him and He will bring justice to the nations, demonstrate God’s righteousness, be a light to guide the nation...

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