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Californication Season 6 Episode 1 – The Unforgiven

Watch Californication Season 6 Episode 1 – The Unforgiven Online Full Free Episode Name: The Unforgiven Air date: 1/13/2013 Summary: Hank Moody may have survived a murder-suicide attempt by his lovelorn ex, Carrie, but she’s still hauntin...

My Top Ten Anti Heroes

It always amazes me how many of our memorable modern lead characters are anti heroes, which is a main reason I started writing a blog about them. (That and the fact that I tend to enjoy such movies more than others) It seems to me that the hero...
by Criminal Movies on Jul 25, 2010

Metallica - The Unforgiven

The UnforgivenNew blood joins this earthAnd quikly he's subduedThrough constant pained disgraceThe young boy learns their rulesWith time the child draws inThis whipping boy done wrongDeprived of all his thoughtsThe young man struggles on and on he's...

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