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The Fallen Angels Did it

In my post “Is Progressive Creation Believable, Grant left me this comment: “The age of the earth has been quite accurately empirically determined as 4.55 billion years +/- a relatively small error margin. Pb/Pb isochron ages (a completel...
by Creation Not Evolution on Jan 30, 2011

How Evolution Changed Moral Values

Before the prominence of Darwinism, atheism belonged to a small group of intellectuals.  However, their belief in a non-creator somehow didn’t make sense.  Then, in the 19th century, the will to discard theistic religion and replace it with a nat...
by Creation Not Evolution on Nov 3, 2010

Evolution and Theistic Naturalism

Evolution in simple terms means that life came into being without a creator. It is a theory that states animals, plants and by extension humans, changed or mutated according to its surroundings over millions of years. It was a naturalistic and mate...
by Creation Not Evolution on Oct 26, 2010

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