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Tear and Share Granary Bread Rolls Recipe

I'm experimenting with the Thermomix TM5 and comparing it to my other kitchen gadgets, halving the quantities in a bread recipe was this weeks project.  It's certainly a great machine for mixing and kneading the dough but if you're contemplating...
by Kitchen Delights on Feb 21, 2016

How to Make Finger Rolls - Recipe

Finger Rolls or are they Bridge Rolls?  Either way they are very light and tender due to the milk content. We ate ours with sausages, lightly fried red onions and a good squeeze of sauce.Everything is in the jug of the TM5 waiting to be mixed in...
by Kitchen Delights on Jan 24, 2016

Mixed Vegetable Bake Thermomix TM5

I recreated this tasty vegetable bake, which was one of the dishes made at the Thermomix TM5 demo by Marta the demonstrator, it has a bechamel sauce and is topped with a parsley and Parmesan breadcrumb mix.The vegetables are cooked in a vessel called...
by Kitchen Delights on Jan 10, 2016

New In My Kitchen The Thermomix TM5

Over the years I've juiced and whizzed fruit with varying successes and if you, like me, love gadgets then you too no doubt will have worked your way through a plethora of gadgetry. I've now sent the juicer to the charity shop, it has sat unused in t...
by Kitchen Delights on Jan 1, 2016

Making Frangipane Mince Pies With a Thermomix TM5

The Thermomix is new in my kitchen and an early Christmas present from hubby. I love kitchen gadgets and whilst I don't believe for one moment they make you a better cook, for me they're fun.I'm not going to say it will replace all my other stuff or...
by Kitchen Delights on Dec 19, 2015

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