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Book Review: Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

I truly enjoyed Ms. Mantel’s writing, it is sharp, distinct and lively.

Review: Henry VIII (Hever) – Tony

To celebrate the day of birth of my lady friend, I decided to take her to a castle. I chose Hever Castle – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. If the childhood home of a woman executed by her husband doesn’t scream: “ROMANCE!”...
by FoodieBoys on Apr 21, 2016

Why I like Wolf Hall

How many times have I read this story, taught this story, seen this story? Countless, yet I’ve been watching Masterpiece’s Wolf Hall faithfully and fervently these past two Sundays, despite some stiff competition. For reasons I don’...
by streets of salem on Apr 19, 2015

News about Court Record Search issue #1

Bucks County plans ancestry record search engine – Tribune-Review – 06/14/2014 Bucks County plans ancestry record search engineTribune-ReviewLater phases of the project could include records processed after 1932. The final wi...

Summer Reading Radar

By now, you are probably hundreds of pages into one of the recommendations made in my last blog post. But in case you are still looking for more, today’s post is dedicated to books that are on my must-read list and are scheduled to be downloade...
by CBD inTouch on Jun 8, 2012

13 people with extra body parts

Extra body parts can occur more often than people might think. Doctors call the extra appendages "supernumerary" body parts and these can be found on some famous people in history. Find out more about 13 people who were born with an extra...
by Impossible Possibilities on May 24, 2012

Guest Review: Dissolution by C.J. Sansom

About: Dissolution by C.J. Sansom is a fiction novel set during the reign on Henry VIII in the year 1537.  The author sets out to tell a tale of murder, deceit and religious challenge within the walls of a monastery in the South of England.  416 pa...

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