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Upcycled Quilling Card

Looking for quilling inspiration?  Why not upcycle old gift enclosure cards into new cards for friends and family? Last fall I spent a lovely day with my friend stopping at yard sales and thrift stores.  At one very unique shop in downtown Villa Ri...
by The Art of Quilling on Jan 13, 2013

Use Quilling to Spruce up Ready Made Cards

I enjoy making and giving quilled cards to friends and family, but sometimes I simply run out of time to make a card from scratch.  I end up giving a store-bought card, but feel a twinge of guilt because it seems so impersonal.  Sound familiar?  ...
by The Art of Quilling on Apr 13, 2011

Quilled Puzzle Piece Magnet

I really appreciate all of the feedback I receive from my newsletter subscribers and blog readers.   One request that I hear quite often is for more quilling projects made from recycled materials, which is great because I enjoy creating them!   Se...
by The Art of Quilling on Jun 6, 2010

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