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Blasted tree

We came across this amazing tree in Richmond Park today. Obviously hit by a bolt of lightning that had done its best to burn it down and which had pitched one of its branches about 30 feet, it was still alive and just coming into leaf. Only a repri...
by Spring Cottage on Apr 28, 2014

Lightning Rider

Ever have this feeling where you are grasping at something that only flashes before you momentarily? You see it and as soon as your brain registers it -POOF- it’s gone. I feel like that today. Like everything is just a flash. Time, people, prob...
by The Art of Divine Chaos on Jun 28, 2013

What Causes Tornados

Tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms and is categorized as a violently rotating column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. Typically tornados appear as rotating, funnel like clouds which extends from within a thunderstorm...
by Area 51 UK UFO Alien Sightings on Dec 21, 2010

Faraday Cage and How To Protect Yourself From Lightning

Image via Wikipedia The Faraday cage is an electrical device intended to avert the passage of electromagnetic waves, either incorporating them in or prohibiting them from its interior space. In simple terms it describes how the lightning charge...
by Area 51 UK UFO Alien Sightings on Jul 19, 2009

How Do Thunderstorms and Lightning Form?

Thunderstorms and lightning are formed by the consequences of an energy disparity in the atmosphere. In the easiest of terms, it is when the atmosphere comes to be excessively warm in its bottommost layers in comparison to the higher layers. Thund...
by Area 51 UK UFO Alien Sightings on May 14, 2009

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