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New NBC12 Virginia Poll: Obama 46 Romney 44

With 7% undecided, it's a virtual dead heat in Virginia. In the same poll, the Tim Kaine - George Allen race for Jim Webb's U.S. Senate seat is tied at 44-44.
by Red Alexandria on Sep 28, 2012

Photo: This Alexandria, Virginia Voter is For Financial Irresponsibility

As you can see, this voter is for a financially irresponsible Congressman (Jim Moran) who has blatantly lied about his voting record when it comes to spending, a fiscally irresponsible ex-Virginia Governor (Tim Kaine) who left Virginian's with a $4.2...
by Red Alexandria on Sep 28, 2012

Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli’s Speech @ Springfield HQ (Video)

Virginia's Attorney General points out something you might not have realized. As Governor, Tim Kaine sued to block the voting rights of members of the military serving in Virginia. Why does Tim Kaine hate the military?
by Red Alexandria on Aug 3, 2012

New George Allen Ad “Devastating” (Video)

Politicians, especially Liberal Democrats like Jim Moran and Tim Kaine, won't tell you this but I will. the reason why the Liberals in Congress wanted the Debt Super Committee to fail last year was to force the impending automatic cuts from defense s...
by Red Alexandria on Jul 24, 2012

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