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Can There be Two Types of Timelessness: One Mystical, Another Scientific?

  Mystics who have claimed that they have direct experience of God have repeatedly and unanimously told us one thing: Time is unreal. If mystical experience gives the mystic the sensation that time is unreal and if one wants to establish that my...
by God is real on Dec 8, 2015

TIME AND THE WRITER: A meditation on the transcendence experienced through writing

Is it possible to tinker with the present, the way an author can tinker with the past when writing a story or narrative based on […] Continue reading at The Mindful Word journal of engaged living []...
by The Mindful Word on Nov 8, 2014

Shorter Amazing Wise Quote about Life

Anarchy ( shorter amazing wise quote about life ) Anarchy continuity is heresey and love an irrational number © 2009-2010 Benjamin Dean...
by About Life Poems on Mar 5, 2011

Finding The Now

I thought I would share this article I wrote for my friend Cindy at As we come to the end of ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle a practical exercise for bringing ourselves back into the Now seemed quite appropria...
by Be Inspired Today on May 20, 2010

Khushwant Singh's A Portrait of a Lady – a review

Suffice it to say, reading is poisonous. It tells upon one's health and eyes, and fills one with all sorts of discomforts. This poison is a poison of looking back. It leaves anybody unnerved and draws a layer of brine water on the stone-dried eyes.
by the diary of a dead moth on Apr 22, 2010

India – Timeless and Timed, Eternal and Venal

India is, often invisibly, 'bound' to timelessness. The West, all too often and too visibly, 'shackled' to time. Both vistas can be gifts - a sense of timelessness because it helps us to raise our eyes above the trammels of the material. A sense of t...

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