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Premium Keynote Template: Pro Design Studio Presentation

Ini adalah acara share share template kedua. Masih berkutat masalah premium template dan professional design. Keduanya sering berkolaborasi “pro premium design”. buy & Download (Menurut pembuat template) Professional Style Custom anim...
by It's All About Me on Feb 18, 2012

Top Picture Search Engines .

Top Picture Search Engines to search for pictures over the web.   PicSearch : one of best Pictures search engines. PicSearch gives you additional information about the picture.   Magery : A cool tabbed search interface to browse your search...
by tipsbyohm on Dec 25, 2011

Download images from websites in a single click

All of us copy various images from websites.  While there may be other ways of doing it, most of us would click on the image and then save it to our computer.   The other option for us is to hit the PrintScreen button and then save the...

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